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  Raphidophora OR Monstera 'Dubai"?
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2007.05.25 at 22:32:06(15717)
Sent : Friday, May 25, 2007 8:07 PM
Subject : aroid question

Dear Aroid Friends,

I received the following note from a good friend, and would like to help if
poss. Can anyone offer me any information on Raph. OR Monstera "Dubai"??

Thanks in advance,

Good Growing,


From: brian lee <lbmkjm at yahoo.com> on 2007.05.26 at 19:52:51(15720)
Dear Aroid-L

Aloha. I do not know of any Raphidophora or Monstera
'Dubai', however, could this be a spelling error for
Monstera dubia?

From: "Harry Witmore" <harrywitmore at witmore.net> on 2007.05.26 at 20:08:03(15721)
There is a Monstera dubia but I have never heard of one called "Dubai" but I
suspect they are the same name. Monstera dubia is also very often confused
with Raph. cryptanthus as has been noted on this list before. Both are nice

Harry Witmore

From: "Peter Boyce" <botanist at malesiana.com> on 2007.05.26 at 21:35:04(15724)
Hi Julius,

Could this maybe a typo for Monstera dubia?

Just a thought,


From: RAYMOMATTLA at cs.com on 2007.05.27 at 00:10:39(15725)
Monstera dubia is large growing species with shingling habit in its juvenile phase. There is also Rhaphidophora cryptantha, a smaller shingler but is often confused with Monstera dubia, (in cultivation), however the Rhaphidophora is neotonous. Its leaves never change much in size and shape unlike Monstera dubia. Both species have white variagation on shingling leaves.
Hope that helps a bit.
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