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  Is this a Epipremnum?
From: Isla Verde <xeen_sg at yahoo.com> on 2007.06.07 at 03:46:41(15742)
Photographed in lowland forests of Singapore and Malaysia. Thanks Calvin
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From: "Peter Boyce" <botanist at malesiana.com> on 2007.06.07 at 04:18:36(15743)
Hi Calvin,

This is Epipremnum giganteum.

Very best


From: Isla Verde <xeen_sg at yahoo.com> on 2007.06.07 at 05:21:33(15744)
Thanks Peter! It doesn't appear to be gigantic after all. Even Epi aureum looks bigger. Perhaps this was a juvenile? Calvin
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From: "Peter Boyce" <botanist at malesiana.com> on 2007.06.07 at 09:04:21(15745)
Hi Calvin,

This is indeed a juvenile; mature E.
giganteum produces a stiff but thin-textured surf-board-sized leaf from a
vine that I have seen on several occasions reaching the canopy of 40 m +
dipterocarps, descending to the ground and the reaching the canopy of
another 40 m + tree. Truly gitgantic!; Rhaphidophora
megaphylla gets still larger...

From: RAYMOMATTLA at cs.com on 2007.06.07 at 23:19:40(15747)
Its a beauty!
Peter, is it common/normal for Epipremnum giganteum to have these rippled or wavy leaves as seen in Calvin's picture? Its too far to tell, but there is a plant growing at the Kampong in Miami that looks very close to it, but doesnt have this characteristic. I believe it is labeled Rhodospatha venosum but I may be wrong....it doesnt look too much like that species from pics Ive seen. I have also heard that it was Amyrdium magnificum....but isnt this an old name for Amydrium zippelianum....which the plant is question is definately not!
I think you also mention in one of your articles in a relatively recent Aroideana that E. giganteaum can be seen occasionally in collections in South Florida? Perhaps this is the mystery climber at the Kampong?
From: "Peter Boyce" <botanist at malesiana.com> on 2007.06.08 at 10:12:48(15748)
Hi Michael,

When juvenile the leaves of E. giganteum
are often rippled in this manner. Once it is larger, the leaves tend to be

Monsteroid climbers, even in different genera,
often look rather similar so I would need to see a photograph of the plant in
the Kampong in order to have a chance of id-ing it.

Amydrium zippellanum is the same as
A. magnificum; this is VERY distinctive and if the plant in the Kampong
looks like E. giganteum then it is certainly NOT A.

If you can send me an image I will have a go at

Very best


From: "Tom Croat" <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2007.06.11 at 19:20:07(15771)
Dear Pete:

I have done the araceae of the
Kampong and have a powerpoint with most of the species. I seem to remember
that I have a Raphidophora montanum there. I am curious what name you put on
this plant. If Michael does not have images I can send them.


From: "Peter Boyce" <botanist at malesiana.com> on 2007.06.12 at 20:36:20(15777)
Dear Tom:

I have not heard back from Michael so if you could
send along an image that would be great.

Many thanks


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