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  Yellow points on Amorphophallus albus
From: "Jakub T." <yq-email at o2.pl> on 2007.07.28 at 15:10:37(16007)
Hello all.
Does anyone have any idea what are these yellow points on the leaf of
Amorphophallus albus. It's a small, 20 cm (8 inches) plant growing in
full sun on south balcony. Some time ago it was sprayed with chemical
acaricide against spider mites. I just hope it's not a virus.
Thank you in advance.

Best Regards
Jakub, zone 5

From: Susan B <honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2007.07.28 at 16:10:44(16008)
Hard to say without a photo but probably a bit of sunburn.Susan
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From: "Jakub T." <yq-email at o2.pl> on 2007.07.28 at 18:28:24(16009)
Thank you. I forgot to attach the photos. Here they are.

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From: Ken Mosher <ken at spatulacity.com> on 2007.07.29 at 02:58:43(16010)
Micronutrient deficiency? Too much sun?

If it's too much sun then I'll find out soon. This is the first year
that I'm growing some Am. albus outdoors next to the konjacs. The leaves
aren't fully opened yet.

If others think it's a virus then I'll make note of what that looks like
for future reference.

From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2007.07.29 at 11:28:14(16011)
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Sent : Saturday, July 28, 2007 6:28 PM
To : Discussion of aroids
Subject : Re: [Aroid-l] Yellow points on Amorphophallus albus

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Dear Jakub,

Those tiny yellow 'points' or spots might be a nutritional issue. The
viruses I`ve seen ususlly have a look of a swirling, different colored
marbled pattern, very different to these spots.
Just a suggestion---why not try growing this plant in some partially shaded
areas? If in nature it grows in light or heavy shade, you can not expect
to try to grow it in full sun and obtain a healthy plant.
Good Luck.


From: Susan B <honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2007.07.29 at 19:35:15(16015)
Jakub, how bad was your mite infestation? If it was very bad, those yellow spots could be from damage from the mites and the next leaves to come up should be fine.
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From: Ken Mosher <ken at spatulacity.com> on 2007.07.29 at 22:16:24(16017)
The little spots from spider mite damage look different than that. Those
spots aren't from spider mites, in my opinion.

Further, I have had a serious spider mite infestation on Typhonium
venosum immediately next to my sales stock of Amorph. albus. No damage
at all to the albus even when significant webbing on Typhoniums. In my
greenhouse the spider mites just don't ever bother the Amorphophalli.


From: Ken Mosher <ken at spatulacity.com> on 2007.07.29 at 22:19:19(16018)
And may the gods forgive me for contradicting Julius!

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