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  Archives available?
From: Diana Pederson <dlpederson at voyager.net> on 1997.09.23 at 14:37:01(1314)
Is this list archived somewhere so I can do some research on
previous posts?


From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1997.09.23 at 17:58:49(1320)
On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Diana Pederson wrote:

> Is this list archived somewhere so I can do some research on
> previous posts?

From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1997.09.24 at 00:56:54(1325)
I just looked and see that I've been a bit sloppy with my
computer-house-keeping on this end. I've never emptied the Aroid mailbox
on my software here. I'm using Eudora version 3.03 and have Aroid List
messages back to 11/16/96. That's not a tremendous way back, but it might
be enough to help you.

If you wanted to get Eudora, I could email the Aroid file to you. I'm
relatively certain that you wouldn't be able to look at it with any other
software. Furthermore, that wouldn't automatically send attachments
(sometimes aroiders have included JPGs or GIFs with their messages) but
those are still in my attachment folder and could be sent along if you were

Let me know if you want the file. It's 364K in size.

From: Diana Pederson <dlpederson at voyager.net> on 1997.09.24 at 01:26:47(1328)
It would be easy to do and it's a free service. All youhave to do is add the
address: lindsey@mallorn.com as a member and the lists will be automatically
archived. I wanted to research some prior information.

From: Diana Pederson <dlpederson at voyager.net> on 1997.09.24 at 02:57:17(1329)
Is there any way to just copy it and send it as an ascii file?

Lester Kallus wrote:

> I just looked and see that I've been a bit sloppy with my

From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1997.09.24 at 15:39:39(1331)
No, I've looked at the file and it seems to be a binary file and so cannot
be read without the software that runs it. Perhaps someone else in this
group would know how to do it? As far as I know, you'd not be able to read
it without Eudora and even so, we'd have to find a way to figure out which
associated Eudora files you'd need. I mentioned only because if you find
no other way, it may be worth the effort to figure this out. Does anyone
else in this group have any other ideas?

From: JWALL at acpub.duke.edu (Joan F. Wall) on 1997.09.24 at 20:31:27(1339)
I save many of my messages into WordPerfect when they are
then available to send out as an attachment to anyone who has
Wordperfect. I that isn't possible they can be imported as a text
copy from WP and put into the main message and then sent.

From: grsjr at juno.com (George R Stilwell, Jr.) on 1997.09.24 at 23:57:51(1341)

Send it here and I'll open it in Eudora. Use Edit Copy to get it on the
clip-board. Then paste it into Wordperfect or Word. No Problem. My guess
is you can do that as well.


From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1997.09.25 at 12:43:47(1342)
You can't edit/copy a binary file. I'll send you the eudora file though to
see if you can use it. (I'll send that to you directly.)

I might send 1 month at a time to Diane just by forwarding the messages one
at a time at night. Hopefully that won't overburdon her ISP.

I've got enough room on my HD so I'll just keep these files here for
archiving in case the issue ever comes up again.

From: "Sean O'Hara" <SAOUC at UCCMVSA.UCOP.EDU> on 1997.09.30 at 18:32:08(1357)
>From: Don Burns
>Subject: Re: Archives available?
>Sender: aroid-l@mobot.org
From: SNALICE at aol.com on 1997.09.30 at 20:27:47(1358)
Dear Sean,

>>>>I had mentioned this to the group previously (when this subject was
first discussed) that I personally archive all AROID-L postings that
come my way (just as I do other for other lists). In this way I can
be very casual about deleting items since I can find them again if I
wish (keeps the mailbox cleaned out!). If these archives would be
of use to anyone, I'm happy to provide them. They are not in any
form that would be available over the internet, but if someone would

From: aroid-l at mobot.org on 1997.10.02 at 03:17:35(1362)
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From: lindsey at lorien.mallorn.com (Christopher P. Lindsey) on 1997.10.02 at 03:51:34(1367)
> > I personally like the idea of archiving. Archiving a list such as
> > Aroid-L has many practical benefits. But there are those, and I respect
> > their rights, who object because of personal privacy issues, and some
> > even are concerned with issues of copyright.
> Mallorn Computing does archive some lists (I don't recall if AROID-L
> is among them) on a Web Page. They keep them in their original
> form, stating the author and context in which the postings were
> made. There has been a lot of fuss over copyrights, etc. regarding
> Mallorn's Site. I do not see that they are 'ripping off' anyone,
> and they provide a valuable service to listgroups such as our who
> would like easy access to archive data. They currently archive the
> Medit-Plants discussion which I started a few years ago, and some
> members find it very useful.

Hi everybody,

When Mallorn first started doing the archives, they were meant for
internal use within the company. Unfortunately, the URL somehow
became public, and many people were upset (and rightfully so).

Because of that mishap, we now only maintain archives for lists
that want to be archived, but I do keep my own personal set for other
lists that I subscribe to.

We would still be happy to archive aroid-l in a web-based format with
a search engine; our overall goal is dissemination of knowledge.
If you'd like to look at some of the lists, visit


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