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  Dormancy issues with Amorph's
From: lungfish2000 at hotmail.com (Clive Lundquist) on 2007.08.03 at 10:21:09(16058)
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From: plantguy at zoominternet.net (Daniel Devor) on 2007.08.03 at 19:55:48(16061)
Hi Clive,

I find the exact same thing on most all of my species except konjac of course. If ones like bulbifer, longitberosus, thaiensis, atroviridis, albus, macrorhizus, yunnanensis, etc. flower I have no chance they will grow this summer and so I have found the easiest way to deal with the problem is sell the silly tuber on ebay and be done with it :o) I've been having this problem for 10 years now so it is not an isolated incident with mine.

I too find the influorescences to all be a bit too much the same anymore and would rather just have the petiole and leaf so if hacking the influorescence before it grows too much will allow me to get leaves in the summer as usual I am more than happy to sacrifice the influorescence. I'm guessing this is not something most people try as they grow them for the influorescence, but I hope that someone can give us an answer and if not perhaps next spring I will just cut my influorescences off before they develop too far and see what happens!!

I actually dread that some of my favorite petiole species like cruddassianus and mossambicensis will flower as then I will be in the quandry of keeping them for another entire year dormant before I can get a leaf after they just spent a lot of energy flowering.

Hopefully others without a GH living in atleast zone 6 or colder (sorry, but zone 7 and warmer is just not the same because your seasons are sooooooo much longer) can help us out.

Thanks in advance to everyone,


From: ken at spatulacity.com (Ken Mosher) on 2007.08.03 at 23:07:42(16071)
Hi Clive,

I deflower my Am. konjacs every spring - lending credence to the old
saying, "In Spring a young man's fancy turns to love." And I'm sure that
Lord P would heartily endorse the deflowering of Amorphophalli at every
opportunity; but of course he's a Dutchman, which explains a lot ;)

More to the matter at hand, I understand exactly what you're going
through. I encounter the same inconvenience here in the Northeast USA
even *with* my greenhouse. I have not found, in my own personal
experience, that cutting off the developing inflorescence of a konjac
makes it break dormancy any earlier than if I had let it flower.

I await the experiences of others to confirm or refute.


From: hetter at xs4all.nl (Wilbert Hetterscheid) on 2007.08.10 at 14:28:52(16082)
People cutting off inflorescences? People liking Amorphophallus-leaves
better than inflorescences? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??????? Haven't I
been writing my butt off about Amorphophallus ID's for years and thereby
always telling people to watch the inflorescences???? And now people start
cutting them off?????????????? Because they fear they;ll get no
leaves????????? Holy cr.. !!

Moderator, please erase me from membership of this perverted

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