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  Zamioculcas zamiifolia- Request for growth conditions
From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2007.08.03 at 21:00:31(16063)
Dear Aroiders:

A colleague here at the Gardens asks what are the best soil
conditions and general care for this species. We have it in the
greenhouse where it thrives but do any of you grow it in your house.
Does it require special care?

I would appreciate it if anyone has any advise.


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.08.03 at 21:24:58(16065)
Tom, my daughter gave me one about two years ago. I read everything i could find and according to what I can locate Zamioculcas zamiifolia enjoys drier arid conditions. Supposedly, it likes water in the rainy season and little moisture during the dry season. That just didn't fit into the way I grow aroids in my tropical atrium, so I just planted it! In fact, it is just feet away from my large Anthurium regale.

The plant is watered as often as all the other tropical aroids and does just fine! It is in very loose soil with lots of sand added. But other than that, we don't do anything special.

To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the thing. But my daughter read it was an aroid so she got it for me. It may eventually not survive, but for several years it has tolerated my "tropical conditions" well.

Steve Lucas

From: Riley2362 at aol.com (Riley2362 at aol.com) on 2007.08.03 at 21:36:05(16067)
Hi Tom,
I grow both forms of Zamioculcas zamiifolia, or is Z. lancifolia now
considered a distinct species? They both grow in plain old potting soil that I let
get almost dry between waterings, in East-facing windows with good morning
Michael Riley
From: jonathan.ertelt at Vanderbilt.Edu (Ertelt, Jonathan B) on 2007.08.03 at 22:07:47(16068)

I agree with what Steve reported, both on what research will tell you the
plant wants, some moisture and then a dry season, and on what his reality
was, and mine as well. We planted ours in an upper planter pocket in the
rain forest simulation at UNC Charlotte, where it was fairly well drained
but pretty constant moisture as well, and it just thrived, flowered, the
whole nine yards. It got some sun, but not much - just good bright light,
well drained soil, and good moisture. It got real good sized for us under
those conditions.


From: Tropicals at SolutionsAnalysis.net (Tropicals) on 2007.08.03 at 22:09:12(16069)
'Less is more' philosophy has always worked for the "ZZ" plant here in
central Florida. Ritually, I water once a month and it is in it's 5th year
and happy as a lark in the house. Those in the greenhouse had to get moved
for there was too much humidity for them. They reside happily in the office
now and on the same regime, once a month.

Glad to read yours do great in the greenhouse Steve.

Happy growing...Christian

Doing it together; no-one wins alone.


Christian Perkins

Solutions Analysis, Inc.

From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2007.08.03 at 22:26:09(16070)

It prefers not too heavy soil with pH about 6.
I use the universal flower soil available in every shop and my plant is 120 cm tall, puts new healthy leaves and once it bloomed.
As a succulent it doesn't tolerate overwatering.



From: crogers at ecoanalysts.com (D. Christopher Rogers) on 2007.08.03 at 23:24:43(16072)

The plant is nearly bullet proof. If you grow it in a house it will grow
very slowly. In a greenhouse it will grow like mad. Mine was 10 cm tall, in
a room with no natural light and rare waterings after a year it looked the
same. Moved to the greenhouse fed and watered it, and in a year it was more
than a meter tall.

Great plant.

D. Christopher Rogers

From: agavestar at covad.net (Michael Mahan) on 2007.08.04 at 06:38:46(16073)
It's a Weed for me,

you can stick a piece of a leaf in just about any soil & poof ,Ya got
another plant real soon, as long as it's watered regularly.

some try to pass this off as a Cycad & charge a lot ,due to the name

From: agoston.janos at citromail.hu (Jan Agoston) on 2007.08.04 at 14:27:13(16074)
Keep it well drained. It can be grown in an orchid compost (tough or graded bark mixed with an equiv vol of pet moss) or petmoss - perlite (5-0 mm) equiv mix or in sand (5-0 mm) - peat 3:1 mix.

I got an overwatered one, and I kept it dry for 2 months now it looks better.
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From: hermine at endangeredspecies.com (Hermine) on 2007.08.04 at 17:06:13(16075)
At 04:24 PM 8/3/2007, you wrote:
From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2007.08.04 at 18:44:42(16076)
Hello Mike,

ZZ outdoors? In which zone do you live? What are the minimal temperatures in your area?


From: wvturner at gmail.com (Walter Turner) on 2007.08.04 at 21:16:12(16078)
But how do you get it to flower? Mine, too, is a meter tall, though in the
house (huge pot), but it has never flowered. I have small ones in small pots
that also never flower. The only ones I've seen flowering here in Germany
were small, in the window of a doctor's office.
Walter, a years-long lurker in this group

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