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  Anthurium Request
From: derek at horticulturist.com (Derek Burch) on 2007.08.17 at 11:25:14(16107)
Is anyone interested? Don't know quite why it came to me, or if it is even
appropriate for aroid-l. Please disregard if not. Derek

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From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.08.17 at 15:47:47(16109)

I'm certain any collector/grower who has any presence on the internet is being beseiged by such requests. I receive an average of two to five daily. My website clearly states I don't offer plants or seeds for sale, but these folks in Indonesia appear to be obesessed with "bugging" everyone in the US for Anthurium plants and seeds.

I've posted multiple notices clearly stating I don't offer either, cannot ship to Asia, explained why seeds are not readily avalable for $1 per 1000 seeds, and other "kind" explanations. But the seige continues. What to do? I don't know! I'd love to simply ignore them, but they refuse to stop.

Personally, I just wish it would stop!

Steve Lucas

From: agavestar at covad.net (Michael Mahan) on 2007.08.17 at 17:15:28(16111)
AHH the price of being famous !! ? I might suggest have a prewritten
reply asking them not to ask agin & them to be placed on your banned list
if they persist in asking .. No means No .. I do know the plant industry
over there is fairly ferocious on who can come up with the New Next Hybrid
& I know you don't like Hybrids .
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.08.17 at 19:10:31(16117)
Who's famous??? The only aroiders I know that are famous are Doc Croat, Enid and Julius! But I do have a prewritten response as well and it is posted here:


I send everyone who asks for an Anthurium seed price list this link. And I too add them to a program I bought that blocks future mail. It just gets frustrating when people refuse to read this stuff, and it can be found easily from the home page of my little site!

I've already received three requests just today!!

Steve Lucas

From: philofan at philodendron.org (Tom Vincze) on 2007.08.17 at 19:24:24(16118)
It is most apparent from that, that people can't or don't read the
explanations. I would simply put a few links under your "Looking for
seeds" page to places that sell plants or seeds and thereby direct
the traffic away from your inbox.

You do have the disclaimer, so you are not obliged to reply. However,
you can always add an autoresponder with your disclaimer and only
reply to the relevant emails. That counts.

I like to use CGI forms on contact pages which can also help you
screen emails and keep your email address discreet. In combination
with an FAQ (linked on the contact page), we respond only to relevant
requests (and only have time for that!). Just some ideas to hopefully
save you a little time.

Tom V.

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