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  "ExoticRainforest" on plant boards
From: mollyday1 at gmail.com (Molly Day) on 2007.09.01 at 23:29:34(16195)
This is a tragic turn of events.
Being misrepresented is something we all fear and it keeps many good people
From: hermine at endangeredspecies.com (hermine) on 2007.09.02 at 22:00:12(16200)
Message-ID: <20070902180044.GA25263@mail11b.verio-web.com>

>I trust you understand. And I hope to meet many of you in Miami in two weeks!
>Steve Lucas

Steve, imitiation is the sincerest form of immitation. Newgroups are
FOUL PLACES. and the name "Endangered Species" which I picked before
it was a buzz word, is some kind of magnet for the stuff about which you talk.

I never judge people from pixels on a screen. I would only HOPE the
same would be done for me, I GOT STORIES! they are about plants, and
they are also NOT at all about plants.

Common denominator is none of the stories are from people who know me
in the real world, tho to hear them talk, and claims made that they
have BEEN HERE, you would have to scratch your head (or MY HEAD!) and
wonder if you had not had a time-travel experience!

try not to worry about this.


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.03 at 00:24:00(16202)
Thanks Hermine! I've received quite a few private notes with similar sentiment.

I just felt it in bad taste to "dump on" anyone within the plant community, especially with such vile language. Whether a person is well liked, or not, is little justification to say vicious things in an open forum anyone on the net can read. I posted a very brief note on that particular thread which apparently caught the website owner, and others, off guard. I simply said in my personal conversations with Dr. D. I found him to be generally pleasant. I am aware there are others with a differing opinion.

The entire thing turned into a "freedom of speech" issue on that board. But the bottom line appears to have been, the only ones with any "freedom" to speak were those who agreed with the site owner who appears not like Dr. Darian. As a result of demands from the site owner I call to explain my actions I simply said I was leaving the forum permanently. That did not sit well. He made the demand at least three times.

Never fear! I'm not worrying about this. I simply received three separate emails warning me something might be attempted with the screen name "ExoticRainforest". I did not recognize the name of any of the three. A fourth email almost screamed at me "its a joke". Perhaps. I just couldn't take the chance. Although my website is far from being anything to rave about, I now consistently receive close to 1000 visits daily from around the world. The idea someone might use the name of the site to post nasty notes anywhere was most distasteful.

Thanks again. And I do hope to meet a bunch of you in less than two weeks!

Steve Lucas

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