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  My First IAS Show
From: ted.held at us.henkel.com (ted.held at us.henkel.com) on 2007.09.26 at 16:34:54(16339)

I wanted to weigh in on my impressions of my first ever IAS Show and Sale.
As it happened I was to be in south Florida for other purposes and decided
to come to the show. My goals were to see the show, hear Leland, have
Julius teach me how to say "chubas", and to generally get the feel of this
organization I only know from Aroid-L and the newsletters. All of these
goals were met. As an added feature, I brought along with me a
friend-since-childhood from semi-nearby Delray Beach (curiously also named
Ted - we were the two Teds) who was not even a plant person, much less an
aroid fancier. And such was the event that even the non-plant person had a
terrific time.

From: ju-bo at msn.com (Julius Boos) on 2007.09.27 at 09:36:54(16344)
From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.27 at 13:14:45(16346)
Greetings Ted, and everyone else at the show!

I found it a great pleasure as well to meet you and Ted outside the entrance to the dinner, along with all the people I "talk" to almost daily regarding this wonderful group of plants. Thanks very much for your very kind words. I write about them because I've written about "something" for many years and writing about aroids is simply great fun. Like just about everyone at the show, we're all just a bunch of "plant nuts" but with a peculiar love for a specific group of strange plants. The only person at the show I had met previously was Trisha Frank but everyone was as warm as if they had been old high school friends!

You are certainly right about "Santa", except he needs to be described as the Santa with the crazy Trinidadian accent! Julius has been of so much help to me personally I can never thank him enough. But there were many others there who have offered valuable advice, explanations, and details on the aroid species I enjoy, to make me want to extend the show to a couple of weeks!

And then there is Leland! Leland wrote me an email close to a year ago as a result of my website. He was brand new on the computer and was sending his mail from the local library (he now does it from home)! But he couldn't figure out how to attach photographs and now I have an entire file of hard copy photographs of his garden, plants, his wife, dogs, the airplane he is building, even his niece! Leland has aroids that will make you drool! At about the same time he began to correspond with "Santa" Julius and the three of us continue to have three way "conversations", sometimes daily! I was most anxious to meet the both of them and simply ran into Leland down in the incredible Fairchild Orchid display Friday afternoon before the show. Even though he had sent numerous personal photos, I didn't recognize him! But he knew who I was since he was aware I was in a wheelchair (I think). He treated me like a very old friend! What a pleasure! (You know, Leland is quite famous).

So I join you in encouraging all of the great folks on this board to make a serious effort to be at the show next year. You simply don't know what you've been missing until you get to sit down and talk to all these other people with whom we exchange ideas all the time. I'll miss a bunch of names I know, but it was a pleasure to finally meet and talk to all of you. And that includes Brian (and your mom), Enid, Sam, Ron, and Ron, Windy, Julius, Leland, LariAnn, Derek, Betsy, Mike (and Mike), Don, Denis, Bill, and all the other names I'm struggling to add! But next year, I want to see the famous Joep and Dr. Tom there as well! What a crew! Thanks for all the plants, seeds, and friendship each of you extended! And a warm thanks to Trisha! For those of you who haven't heard yet, Trisha now has a wonderful Anthurium named in her honor by Dr. Croat, Anthurium trishafrankiae Croat. Can't wait until I can add that one to my personal collection!

I enjoyed every minute.

Thanks again Ted. Next year, come early enough we can sit and talk!

Steve Lucas

From: crogers at ecoanalysts.com (D. Christopher Rogers) on 2007.09.27 at 16:58:22(16349)

D. Christopher Rogers

From: lbmkjm at yahoo.com (brian lee) on 2007.09.28 at 19:02:22(16357)
Dear all,

Aloha ("In the presence of the breath of life"),

I have been receiving a lot of positive feedback
regarding my slide show at the IAS banquet. Ted's
words reflect mine as far as my impressions of the
show and people around me. It was also my virgin
adventure to the IAS show and banquet. That memory
will remain with me forever. I cannot thank everyone
adequately that bent over backward for my comfort and
information. Suffice it to say, my expectations were
high and they were exceeded. I felt welcomed and
important. I am grateful to all of you that have sent
good reviews of my narrative. Fame is easy to come by
;expectations are harder to meet.

As Ted mentioned in his thread, my talk often went off
in tangents from the subject of aroids. I did want to
emphasize how everything in life is interconnected. I
love aroids because they are a part of a wonderful
whole...usually epitomized by tropical rainforests.
If plants were words, we are losing much of our
vocabulary, and soon we will have lost a language.
Whole libraries are lost and we have already been
willing to lose the best books in the absence of
complete knowledge.

From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2007.09.28 at 19:49:47(16358)
Leland, you've made friends for life! I'm delighted to have played just a small part in dragging you into the virtual world!

Aloha! Always in the presence of the breath of life.

Steve Lucas

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