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  Jungle Plants
From: sean & madeline sims <smsims at connectnet.com> on 1997.10.04 at 15:04:59(1384)
Hello to all:
I am a new "listee" as of yesterday and this is my first attempt at a
mailing list.
I have been collecting various Aroids now for about 9 months and I can't

seem to get enough of them, specifically the large leaf varieties. I
have not had the best of luck in locating a number of the plants I
desire to add to the collection.
I obtained a few from Glasshouse Works but I didnt realize that they
were going to be so tiny. Novice mistake.
Is there anyone who knows how or where I could possibly obtain any of
the following:
Xanthasoma Sagittifillium
Philo Sagittifilium
Philo Imperialis
Philo Evecherii
Philo Evansii
Philo Magnificum
Philo Speciosium
Alocasia Odora
Alocasia Macrorhiza

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

From: Clarence Hester <hesterc at niven.acpub.duke.edu> on 1997.10.04 at 15:52:51(1386)
sean & madeline sims wrote:
> Hello to all:
> I am a new "listee" as of yesterday and this is my first attempt at a
> mailing list.
From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at classic.msn.com> on 1997.10.06 at 02:38:45(1393)
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 1997 11:52 AM
To: ju-bo@msn.com
From: LMassey628 at aol.com on 1997.10.09 at 04:32:38(1411)
In a message dated 97-10-05 22:30:09 EDT, ju-bo@classic.msn.com writes:

> Dear Sean,
> The easiest way to get big Xanthosoma sagittifolia and X. violacium is to
> find

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