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  Unknown velvet Anthurium
From: e_asiaflora at yahoo.com (Lup San) on 2008.01.25 at 17:50:48(16987)
Hi all,

I have a nice velvet leaves Anthurium for some time now - can anyone ID this species ? Thanks in advance.

Link here:

From: ncarz at charter.net (ncarz at charter.net) on 2008.01.26 at 15:31:15(16990)
LOoks like an Anth. papillilaminum x crystallinum hybrid. or something similar.

---- Lup San wrote:

From: jpcferry2 at wanadoo.fr (Famille FERRY) on 2008.01.26 at 16:48:05(16991)
Bonjour ,

Perhaps , it's Anthurium dressleri?


From: lbmkjm at yahoo.com (brian lee) on 2008.01.26 at 18:15:18(16992)
Dear Lup San,


To me, it looks like Anthurium papillaminum Croat.
The spadix should be yellow green and about 13 cm.
The inflorescence is held above the foliage. Dr.
Croat would be the best to comment on this...he
described it.

From: hermine at endangeredspecies.com (hermine) on 2008.01.27 at 05:20:46(16993)
>I have a nice velvet leaves Anthurium for some time now - can anyone
>ID this species ? Thanks in advance.
>Link here:

It is very beautiful as is the rest of your website, simply mouth
watering and making me want a tropical humid greenhouse...again!
I have no idea what the plant is, I just went to see it....

From: e_asiaflora at yahoo.com (Lup San) on 2008.01.28 at 13:21:10(16999)
Hi all,

thanks for all your suggestions and kind comments. It helped to narrow down the search - so now need to look up the keys.


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.01.28 at 17:11:54(17001)
Dear Lup San:

Genevieve Ferry has suggested Anthurium dressleri for your plant but the blade is much more broadly ovate in A. dressleri and that species also has ribs on the petioles. Does you plant have ribbed petioles? It is like to be some other, perhaps undescribed member of Anthurium section Cardiolonchium. There are so many like this in Colombia and Ecuador. I was recently studying sect. Cardiolonchium from Nari?o and found that I collected three species in the same small area along the R?o Imbi and all are likely to be undescribed. One I have already named as Anthurium triciafrankie Croat. Presumably someone knows the origin of the plant but has not passed it along. If you know more let me know.


From: e_asiaflora at yahoo.com (Lup San) on 2008.02.04 at 17:39:39(17044)

Hi Dr Croat,

attached a pic of the leaf stalk. Does not appear to have ribs and the cross section is circle. The leaf does look like A. papillilaminum to me.

My plant from a now defunct nursery from Singapore and his stock I am sure was imported more than 10 years ago but the origin I could not trace.

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