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  Anthurium Marie with infloresence
From: Tropicals at SolutionsAnalysis.net (Tropicals) on 2008.04.10 at 02:20:35(17356)

Greetings, I am attaching 2 large photos taken with my iPhone; my apologies
for poor quality but it was so important to show you anthurium lovers.

So very pleased to share the oddest anthurium inflorescence in my 30+ years
of appreciating them. The leaves including short petiole measure three feet
and about 7" wide.

The inflorescence has the slightest amount of pollen very near the base
only. Notice the undulation, roller coaster pattern on the underside. I've
secured a small amount of pollen in aluminum foil. Should I freeze until
its proposed anthurium recipient reaches pollination for cross breeding a.
marie and a. hookeri? Historically the a. hookeri produces several hundred
seeds each year whereas the a. marie has never developed into

From: sparky4114 at mac.com (Thom Powell) on 2008.04.10 at 04:13:24(17358)
I have loved marie for a while now, we had one for sale in a 17" pot!
Absolutely beautiful!!! I have been trying to obtain one of my own,
but can not find her!

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On Apr 9, 2008, at 10:20 PM, Tropicals

From: denis at skg.com (Denis) on 2008.04.10 at 17:28:09(17369)
Anthurium x Marie is a tissue cultured hybrid Pachyneurium group
anthurium. it took Steve Nock a long time to breed an Anthurium with
leaves as dark maroon as Marie (named after Steve's beautiful wife
Marie)...It probably has a lot of mismatched chromasomes and a bit of
aneuploidy thrown in and it does a lot of strange things in growth of
branching too much, making mis-shapen spathes and double spadices and in
some cases just totally warped growth. We've grown out 1000's of liners
oof Marie and your plant is not that unusual. keep it is the brightest
light possible to keep the beautiful maroon coloring in the leaves.


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2008.04.10 at 21:18:07(17371)
MessageDenis, does anyone know if Anthurium x Marie is a registered cultivar? I've seen it on the net as Anthurium 'Marie' as well as Anthurium x Marie and just Anthurium Marie. I've had it on my website for several years as Anthurium 'Marie' but I can't be certain if it is registered. I like to try to post plants as they are correctly classified and will change the post in an instant if I can get the correct answer.

Thanks as always!

Steve Lucas

From: denis at skg.com (Denis) on 2008.04.11 at 15:40:53(17376)
Anthurium 'Marie' as you have it in single quotes is probably the best
way to write it, since we do not know what the true parentage is. I
threw in the "x" to indicate that it is not a true species but rather a
hybrid of unknown parents. No, i do not think it is registered with
ICRA. Nor do I know if it was patented or the name was trademarked but I
doubt if either of these methods was used. the plant does not have broad
enough horticultural appeal for another lab to jump on it and pirate
this plant. Steve should be able to afford the expense to register the
cultivar with the ICRA. These are good questions for Steve Nock... I'll
ask him the next time he is in.


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2008.04.11 at 23:08:42(17379)
MessageThanks Denis. Please let us know what you learn.

Steve Lucas

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