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  Any Good Aroids Nurseries in California?
From: gcyao at mydestiny.net (George Yao) on 2008.04.24 at 17:01:31(17448)
Hello everyone,

I will be in the San Francisco Bay area April 25 to 30 and in the LA
area May 13 to 20. Any good aroids nurseries to visit there?

George Yao

From: philofanmail at philodendron.org (Tom V) on 2008.04.25 at 05:51:48(17454)
Hi George,

I wish there were some nurseries I could recommend (and I've looked
everywhere), but I think you will find the east coast (as in Florida)
to have any nurseries replete with aroids. Succulent plants seem to
rule on the west coast.

While you're in the Bay Area, though, UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden
will have their spring sale on the 26th and 27th where they usually
have some aroids for sale (but no match for the IAS Show). Be aware
that parking and traffic can be quite a nightmare Saturday morning!
Take the bus or come really early if you want come to this.


They also have some aroids in their Tropical House which is worth a

I would recommend San Francisco's Conservatory of Flowers to also see
(a few) aroids. Of note is their 100 year old philodendron speciosum
which is literally a tall tree. To my dismay, I was informed that most
of their philodendron collection was shipped away, so you won't really
find many there anymore. But there are other nice tropicals to view.


In the LA area, I very highly recommend visiting The Huntington. They
have a new, state of the art conservatory with some fine large aroids.
If you have any interest in succulent plants, you cannot miss their
Desert Garden--one of the best I've ever seen and truly immersive.


Hope this information is helpful. Have a good trip.

Tom Vincze

From: levin at pixar.com (Dan Levin) on 2008.04.25 at 06:47:56(17455)

Though it's obviously not a nursery per se, the University of Calif.
Botanical Garden/ Berkeley is coincidentally having their annual
Spring Plant Sale on Saturday, April 26 from 10a to 2p. And the
member's-only advance sale is Friday April 25 from 5p to 7:30p
should you wish to get first crack at things by joining at the gate.

Truth be told I have no idea what will be offered from the realm
of Araceae at this sale. If anything... likely some Mediterranean
genera; possibly some Ariseama spp. and/or Amorpho. titanum
seed as a result of the garden's recent blooming/ pollination (?).

Do keep in mind the clime over here: we rarely see freezing temps
but we also rarely see 90? F/ 32? C by the coast. Which is to say
our conditions are rather mild & band-limited all year long, tending
towards the cooler end of things. This of course influences what
is commercially or otherwise grown...

Regardless the garden is not to be missed and I humbly submit
that any bona fide plant person will find -something- at a UCBG
plant sale they need to own. Perhaps some stunning Lapageria
cultivars for your cloud forest garden in Metro-Manilla? : )

Enjoy your trip to the Bay Area, and if there's anything I can do
to assist you while here, please don't hesitate to contact me off-list.

- Dan Levin

From: piabinha at yahoo.com (piaba) on 2008.04.25 at 20:12:18(17465)
at one point, the strybing gardens also had a weekly
sale, not sure if it's still going on (golden gate
park), i think it was on saturdays.

From: jasonstone at gmail.com (jason stone) on 2008.04.27 at 19:32:28(17472)
The Strybing plant sale schedule can be found at the following URL...


Note that the big annual plant sale in on May 2nd (next weekend). All
of the other plant sales are monthly and are theme based. The website
is descriptive enough. :)


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