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  What the heck is going on here?
From: exotics at hawaii.rr.com (Windy Aubrey) on 2008.04.24 at 21:08:17(17451)

Hi Friends,

I have never seen this happen before on an Anthurium inflorescences'

If you know, please clue me in.


From: sprekelia1 at yahoo.com.au (Pam) on 2008.04.25 at 05:45:57(17453)
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From: ju-bo at msn.com (ju-bo at msn.com) on 2008.04.25 at 09:16:21(17456)
> From: exotics at hawaii.rr.com
> To: aroid-l at gizmoworks.com
> Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 11:08:17 -1000
> Subject: [Aroid-l] What the heck is going on here?
Dear Windy,

Nice mystery! Try removing one or two of these structures and, using a strong hand lense, dissect them carefully using an exacto knife. Try to determine what their origin may be, if they may mutated flowers, or maybe mutated fruit/ seeds?
Have you sprayed any hormone liquids near to this plant?? Is it a newly purchased specimen??
If you can find no answer when you dissect, I`d place the whole spadix in alcohol and see if Tom Croat or any other taxonomist wants to or will take a look and try to determine the origin of these abnormal structures. They may just be an artifact of a hybrid birds nest-type Anthurium. Maybe Denis or Bill Rotalante has seen these on other plants??

Good Growing,


From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2008.04.25 at 12:31:40(17458)
Hi Windy

For me it looks like a step back in evolution. It may be a very precious photo. Can you take a closeup of this phenomenon, cos it looks like this anthurium formed a petal instead of a tepal and a distinct pistil.


From: growit7 at windstream.net (Tere Baber) on 2008.04.25 at 14:17:15(17459)
Are those the flowers starting? Very interesting. Looks like flower buds maybe.
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From: Windy Aubrey
From: jonathan.ertelt at vanderbilt.edu (Jonathan Ertelt) on 2008.04.25 at 16:24:16(17460)

I may be completely off given that folks
much more well-versed in this stuff have already
weighed in and no one has suggested this, but it
looks to me like your inflorescence has gone to
an infructescence, and you have some fruits that
have started to pop out and perhaps your humidity
has been low or they got caught in the sun and
have started to dry. In at least two of these
strange-looking structures (drying fruits) I can
see what looks to be at least one of the seeds.
So, my guess is that you've got some drying fruit
which did not pop out as fully as mature fruit
generally do from the spadix structure.
Good luck and good growing.


From: exotics at hawaii.rr.com (Windy Aubrey) on 2008.04.25 at 20:04:56(17463)
Hi Everyone,

Weird huh!

I will do as Julius has suggested and will perform a dissection to see
what's going on.
Externally they look like claws upside down. Almost like a tiny spathe
without a spadix.
No, I don't use hormones on any of our plants.
It now has three inflorescences displaying these 'things'. I'll pull one or
two off of each spadix and see if there is any further development in the
older ones. Their is no seed capsule present.
I do not know if this plant was Tissue Culture or seed grown, but chances
are it is a TC.

If I don't see anything when I cut it open tonight, I will prepare an entire
inflorescences in alcohol and send it on.

I'll also try to photograph what I see up close. I'll post those images so
everyone can take a good look at it too.

Maybe Denis or Bill can also weigh in if they have seen it before in their

What fun these plants are!

From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.04.25 at 22:08:19(17468)
Dear Windy:

Can you tell if these are outgrowths of the tepals or are they a
malformed pistil?


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