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  Dormancy of Amorphophallus from Madagascar
From: aroidgrower at gmail.com (John L) on 2008.05.24 at 11:59:08(17609)
I have been fortunate enough to purchase more tubers recently from a seller
and grower of plants from south africa and Madagascar.

One of the recommendations of the seller of these tubers on eBay is to
immediately pot it and water it.
I believe that this grower/seller is thinking of these tubers in terms of
the other plants from that part of the world that generally emerge from
dormancy at the beginning of the wet season, even if that wet season is
artificially induced.

From: hetter at xs4all.nl (Wilbert Hetterscheid) on 2008.05.25 at 07:58:30(17613)
The Madagascan species normally show you when they need potting by the
apical bud starting to swell. That said, when it doesn't happen at all, you
need to take a risk.

Mold on a tuber is BAD! DO check if there is a soft spot below the mold and
if so, cut it out immediately or your whole tuber will turn into mush.


From: ironious2 at yahoo.com (E Morano) on 2008.05.25 at 19:32:11(17616)
This seller sells his rotten and damaged tubers anyway. I purchased one from him at high dollar. The apical bud had alread7y started to swell when I got it so I planted it only to have it do nothing. When I unspotted it, I saw why it was misshaped to begin with. I was already rotten on the bottom. Only the rot was dry when I got it. Look at his tubers. Every one of them is misshapen. I say avoid this sellers tubers unless you want to throw your money into the trash.

Wilbert Hetterscheid wrote: The Madagascan species normally show you when they need potting by the

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