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  Infra red cameras
From: Chris.Rennie at blueyonder.co.uk (Chris) on 2008.05.25 at 20:55:14(17619)
Hi Gary, Steve.

My suspicion's raised when the spadix takes ~8 hours or so to move into
a position (which appears to be the focal point of the spathe) and
*only* then heats up.
The interior of the spathe is also coloured white, better to reflect
than the green outside of it?

The thermal imaging camera I'm now thinking of hiring produces real time
images. So it should be easy to move around and see whether the spathe
appears brilliantly illuminated from the front.
I also want to do another timelapse, but in infra red. I want to see
what the whole things looks like as it lights up.

Thanks very much for the link. That hack certainly looks interesting.
The way I'm now thinking is that I should 'bite the bullet' be done with
it and hire a thermal imaging system for three days.
Assuming, my other avenues of enquiry prove fruitless. Best quote I've
got so far is ?250 which isn't too awful (relatively speaking)

Couple of questions:

From: gibernau at cict.fr (Marc Gibernau) on 2008.05.26 at 09:50:29(17625)

I agree with many of you about the fact that the spathe interior wall is
clear, whitish. I'm almost sure that this clear color contrast with the
dark environment and as you may be on the figure posted in my last e-mail
some reflection occurs (the zone around the constriction) is clear blue
(about 2?C degrees ) of the rest of the spathe certainly increasing the
bright/clear aspect of the interior spathe wall both in normal and IR light.
But the spathe being not thermogenic its attractive effect may be minimal
comparing to the bright spadix (in IR wavelenghts).

All the best,


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