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  Alocasia Bebe ? New dwarf plant .
From: mickpascall at hotmail.com (Michael Pascall) on 2008.05.26 at 11:37:05(17626)

A cute little Alocasia has been available here for about a year , Just with a generic label .Does not seem to get much taller than 20 cms [10'] .Can anyone tell me anything about it ? Michael Pascall,
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From: bridg_aj at yahoo.com (aj Boswell) on 2008.05.26 at 20:13:00(17629)
I was sure you would have seen it on my site have a mob of them a supplier that got them in overseas the lot that sent them out calls them beb few references but they being the main one is french it means baby or small one hence the name - Sue got one off me - the leaf has exact same texture and colouring as polly but the leaf more lke a juvinile jaunita gets a burst on 2nd year but not had one grow any higher than the bronze cuprea - like the polly great house plant in bathroom will burn on edges if too much sun which is surprizing as such a hardish leaf - if happy corms well - it is a nice plant - send youphotos if you like but possible you have seen them on my site brid

From: botanist at malesiana.com (Peter Boyce) on 2008.05.27 at 23:17:03(17631)
Hi Michael,

This looks like Alocasia 'Polly'



From: botanist at malesiana.com (Peter Boyce) on 2008.05.28 at 09:40:52(17633)
Hi Dany,

I agree; I was too hasty to name it as 'Polly' and I am sure you are nearer the mark in suggesting it may be a mutation of 'Polly'
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From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2008.05.28 at 18:20:18(17636)

This is rather not 'Polly' which has wavy leaves' margins
A mature Polly you can see here:
I think this is a young A. longiloba:
or maybe... a cross of longiloba ? ???


From: botanist at malesiana.com (Peter Boyce) on 2008.05.28 at 23:45:21(17637)

Whatever it is it is not young longiloba; in fact I am doubtful that pure 'longiloba' is involved. If it is a mutation of a cv or hybrid then my hunh is that the bloodlines include 'lowii' and something Philippino such as sanderiana; so a bloodline similar to that of x Amazonica ('lowii' x sanderiana).


From: denis at skg.com (Denis) on 2008.05.29 at 14:34:38(17642)

Where did this plant origianate? Is it in tissue culture commercial
production or is this something someone is manually propagating 'bebe'
the old fashioned way? Maybe if we can find out where and who this thing
is from we could stop speculatinig and ask the producer or originator
what 'bebe' really is, either hybrid, a sport of an existing cultivar or
a slightly different form of a species.


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