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  A. titanum at UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden
From: gcyao at mydestiny.net (George Yao) on 2008.05.29 at 13:07:27(17639)

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you Tom Vincze, Dan Levin, Tsuh Yang, and Jason
Stone for your response to my query about good nurseries in California.

I didn't find any, but I did go to the UC Berkeley's botanical
garden. I couldn't make it to the plant sale but I was able to see
the A. titanum in fruit on display there.

Attached are photos to share with you.

Note that it was under lock and key, and FYI, closely guarded by a
closed-circuit security camera. The 2nd photo shows a close-up of the fruits.

George Yao

From: honeybunny442 at yahoo.com (Susan B) on 2008.05.31 at 01:37:46(17646)
Seed under lock and key? They must have heard you were coming, George!

Only kidding!

From: ju-bo at msn.com (ju-bo at msn.com) on 2008.05.31 at 09:59:17(17648)
> Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 21:07:27 +0800
> To: aroid-l at gizmoworks.com
> From: gcyao at mydestiny.net
> Subject: [Aroid-l] A. titanum at UC Berkeley's Botanical Garden

Dear George,

Thanks for sharing these remarkable photos with all of us. It is amazing to see an infructesence of this rare species in cultivation surrounded by a ''security wall'' for its protection! Jim Symon would be SO proud to see his ''grandkids'' (or "great-grandkids"?) developing, actually they look NEARLY ripe!
A question---does anyone know where the pollen was obtained to ''do the deed'' on this plant?? In other words, who is the ''baby daddy'' to these fruits!

The Best,


From: bill.weaver at hp.com (Weaver, Bill) on 2008.06.01 at 06:00:59(17651)
And just in case you are interested, they will be selling seedlings from this plant at the fall sale
September 28th.

-----Original Message-----

From: bill.weaver at hp.com (Weaver, Bill) on 2008.06.01 at 17:25:48(17654)
The 'baby daddy' for Titania was Trudy (my baby) that bloomed in 2005. The pollen was stored
in a DNA freezer on the Berkeley campus at -80 F until Titania bloomed in 2007. Several of
the larger fruits have been harvested and the seeds sprouted. Each fruit had from 1 to 3
seeds in it.


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