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  Amorphophallus henryi, koratensis, titanum's
From: ironious2 at yahoo.com (E Morano) on 2008.05.30 at 23:36:22(17645)
Is Amorphophallus henryi considered rare? I just got some from ebay and Ive never seen them there before.

Also, there will be about ten titanum's going up for auction on ebay with in the next few hours, most likly by the time this is posted.Ships world wide.

Oh and what about Amorphophallus koratensis? Are the rare and does any one know how to properly take care of them? I got some of those and they didnt have any care instructions. Is it safe to assume that all amorph's from Thailand should be cared for the same way?

I tried searching the net for answers but there seems to be an incre3dible lack of information regarding that.

From: ronmchatton at aol.com (ronmchatton at aol.com) on 2008.06.02 at 11:46:00(17675)
Amorphophallus henryi isn't rare but it's not common either. At least
one commercial source sells them (Plant Delights in Raleigh).
Amorphophallus koratensis isn't rare at all and, in fact, is very
common in the food markets of Thailand. Most of the folks on this list
know Home who comes from Thailand to the Aroid Show every year and
brings them in by the box full. You grow it and henryi just like
paeoniifolius and most of the Amorphs from Thailand. Water and
fertilize while actively growing and then they can be kept essentially
dry during their winter dormancy. It's been said that koratensis
should be kept dry but in the pot during dormancy, but I've
successfully managed them both potted and stored out fo the pot with
equal success.

Ron McHatton

From: mossytrail at hctc.com (mossytrail) on 2008.06.02 at 23:44:05(17698)
> Is Amorphophallus henryi considered rare? I just got some
> from ebay and Ive never seen them there before.
Now, i'm not really "up" on Newtonian physics, but isn't
there some universal law which states that all Amorphs on
eBay, regardless of labelling, are konjac?

The best advice I can give -- which others will no doubt
repeat -- is that you get yourself the reprint of Aroideana
volume 19 (1996), the Amorphophallus issue.

Jason Hernandez

From: mickpascall at hotmail.com (Michael Pascall) on 2008.06.03 at 03:02:43(17701)
HA HA every Amorphophallus sp. listed on ebay is RARE !! even the weedy A.bulbifer ..
I saw someone recently pay way over $50 for a small tuber ,, shocking ..
From: ironious2 at yahoo.com (E Morano) on 2008.06.03 at 05:28:48(17709)
Regarding ebay, Ive got lots of titans for sale there so not not all are konjac but I get what you mean. Ive actually gotten lots od different amorphs there. When ever you do a search for something on ebay, when the results come up, there is an option right next to where it tells you how many items it found, for save this search which will send you a dialy email for new items of that type. I get one for amorphs every day.
mossytrail wrote: > Is Amorphophallus henryi considered rare? I just got some
> from ebay and Ive never seen them there before.
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