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From: MJ Hatfield <oneota at ames.net> on 1997.10.22 at 17:09:30(1461)
Please tell me again how much the dues are for a years membership in the
International Aroid Society. What date they should be paid by? Where
should they be sent?
MJ Hatfield

From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.10.23 at 04:20:56(1469)
>Please tell me again how much the dues are for a years membership in the
>International Aroid Society. What date they should be paid by? Where
>should they be sent?
>MJ Hatfield

From: Greg Ruckert <greg at alpacamanagement.com> on 2016.01.27 at 23:50:36(23546)
As requested , here is my response to Pete.

Thanks Pete for making me think.

I suppose the big thing I am
looking for is leadership. As you saw at the conference, I am
passionate about the ongoing existence of the IAS, I just wish, as
an amateur horticulturist that we had someone moving the Society
and making things happen. The absence of a response from anyone
other than another ordinary member is indicative of why we feel
isolated. When you see the figures the next question would be, How
many of those are non-institutional?

I was disappointed that my presentation being published in
Aroideana did not even generate a discussion.

Just over two years ago I was asked to take on the role of
President of the Lilium and Bulb Society. It was collapsing with
twelve financial members but $35,000 in the bank. Now our bank
balance has gone down to $30,000 but we have over fifty members.
Importantly we have members doing things. We have grabbed the
internet to build relationships in Australia and around the world.
We are growing because we are doing things. We are instigating
junior scholarships to get children growing seed. We are expending
what our show does. We are developing a relationship with one of
our biggest tourist attractions. I am also on the National
committee of the Australasian Llama Association and we have
regular meetings by skype. We have less than 80 members and are
always struggling BUT the members are kept informed. Recently
there has been a problem getting an editor and the question was
asked if we could take our National magazine electronic only. 95%
demanded hard copy, so realising that, the editor issue has been
overcome by thinking outside the box.

So, back to your question, my frustration would be greatly
reduced if, as an ordinary member, I could see what the Society
was doing, behaving as an international organisation. If I am not
to receive a printed Aroideana then I should not pay a levy to
cover postage. We need to see some enthusiasm, leadership and
communication from the top. It would be good to see some drive to
increase membership and protect the future of the organisation.

Finally, I can't help think that you understand my frustrations
very well. I haven't checked my presentation from 2013 but I
reckon I posed the question you have "in short what can the IAS
do to persuade the almost 2500 members of the FB IAS public
group to part with a few dollars per annum - and for that
matter is it that these non-member participants to the FB forum
don't see the point of joining - for example how many are lapsed
members - how many have never been members?" I have seen no
indication that even these questions have been asked.





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