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  message from Robbin C. Moran regarding my
From: hermine at endangeredspecies.com (hermine) on 2008.06.04 at 22:42:09(17740)
At 06:39 AM 6/4/2008, ExoticRainforest wrote:
>Leland recommended I contact Robbin C. Moran, Ph.D., Curator of
>Ferns at the New York Botanical Garden. This is Robbin's response
>as to my identifications on both species of club moss.
>Looks like I'll be changing the genus on the second one!

I had not been to the bamboo (American Bamboo Society) website for
several months because of a tiff (atomic war) but i see that some
plants have been taken from their previous genus, placed in a new,
sometimes entirely NEWLY named Genus, and have now reverted to the
original genus as of say, 18 months ago. I am not going into the
previous history of the name prior to 18 months ago because over
decades THAT was an ugly business. What I mean is HOW IS A GIRL TO
KEEP UP WITH THIS STUPH? Between the Sansevieria Wars, the Gasteria
Wars, the Palm Wars, the Cycad Wars, the FERN WARS! THE FERN WARS,
how can this be? and the Datura/Brugsmansia wars, I am almost out of
brain tissue.

From: harrywitmore at witmore.net (Harry Witmore) on 2008.06.04 at 23:21:27(17742)
This seems strange to me. Robbin recommends Barbara Joe Hoshizaki's book
which considers both of the species as Lycopodium.but he says both are
Huperzia. Barbara's book is very technical and a great resource to id ferns.

Harry Witmore

From: lbmkjm at yahoo.com (brian lee) on 2008.06.05 at 12:47:08(17752)
Dear Harry,


Barbara Joe Hoshizaki should be contacted and asked
about the status of Huperzia in her opinion. If you
look at,The Fern Grower's Manual, you will notice that
the junior author is Dr. Robbin C. Moran.

I agree that this is a wonderful reference for fern
and fern allies...but it was published in 2001.



From: gcyao at mydestiny.net (George Yao) on 2008.06.06 at 02:26:02(17764)

Barbara brought me around during my recent trip to LA. She is not a
taxonomist and her The Fern Grower's Manual is more focused on fern
horticulture than proper taxonomic ID. While, through her extensive
experience with ferns, she has become very proficient in identifying
ferns and fern allies, she seemed more inclined to just let the
taxonomic experts work out the proper scientific names, and then take
it from there.

George Yao

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