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  Anthurium pedatatoradiatum
From: dburch23 at bellsouth.net (dburch23 at bellsouth.net) on 2008.06.06 at 21:49:07(17773)

I know that our South Florida growing conditions are very different from tose elsewhere, but on my experience with pedatoradiatum I can't imagine it needing to be cosseted, or giving any trouble. I collected my original plant growing on top of a bare rock in full sun in Mexico about 25 years ago. It, and many of its offspring, have grown in my garden sandy soil with heavy mulch eince then. They flower and set fruit readily, and the seedlings grow right away in regular Promix BX.

I should think that very sharp drainage and good light are the keys for you.


From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2008.06.10 at 19:47:04(17827)

To which section does it belong?


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.06.11 at 20:45:47(17832)

Anthurium pedatoradiatum belongs to sect. Schizoplacium.
Madison's 1978 revision of palmately divided leaves contained sect.
Semaeophyllium, sect. Schizoplacium and sect. Dactylophyllium. It is
also to some extent out of date with new species that we have described
in recent years. My student Monica Carlsen and I published a revision
of sect. Semaeophyllium and I describe A. pseudoclavigerum another

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