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  What Monstera Is This?
From: gcyao at mydestiny.net (George Yao) on 2008.06.21 at 07:27:14(17887)


Since we are discussing Monstera, I am curious to know what Monstera
in the attached images is.

George Yao

From: criswick at spiceisle.com (criswick) on 2008.06.21 at 19:50:22(17893)
M. friedrichsthallii?

John Criswick.

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From: lbmkjm at yahoo.com (brian lee) on 2008.06.21 at 20:26:58(17894)
Dear George,


I do not know what this Monstera? species is...but it is beautiful. Are you growing it? Where was this photo taken? It resembles Monstera punctulata a bit...but differs. How large are the leaves. Monstera punctulata has very large leaves...larger than Monstera deliciosa. It also somewhat resembles Monstera siltepecana...but it is different from that too. Get on Tropicos images and type in Monstera...5 pages of images. Unfortunately...and this is the caveat,there are two images of a female Zamia species under Monstera adansonii v. laniata.

Thank you for sending this image...maybe someone out there knows a name.

Good luck.



From: abri1973 at wp.pl (Marek Argent) on 2008.06.22 at 20:14:20(17905)
I think M. acuminata (M. karwinskyi)


From: Steve at ExoticRainforest.com (ExoticRainforest) on 2008.06.23 at 00:52:02(17907)
Tom indicated some time ago in a personal mail M. friendrichsthalii and M. adansonii are one and the same. You might like to check IPNI and TROPICOS on that one. I included some of that info on my page on Monstera adansonii.

Steve Lucas

From: gcyao at mydestiny.net (George Yao) on 2008.06.23 at 13:34:07(17921)

I took those pictures at the Wilson Botanical Garden in Costa
Rica. I didn't measure the leaves but I estimate maybe they were 1
to 1-1/2 feet long. I didn't see any inflorescence. If this is part
of the collection, the label must've been lost, because I didn't see
any. The pattern of the holes really caught my attention because I
have never seen anything similar whether live or in pictures. I
wanted to know what species it is to add it to my wish list. :-D


From: Thomas.Croat at mobot.org (Tom Croat) on 2008.06.23 at 20:56:53(17925)
Dear George:

It looks like M. punctualata to me. If you get a chance to dry
a leaf it dries a very characteristic green with a yellow stem. It also
resembles M. siltepecana some.


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