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  Origins of Philodendron x evansii
From: kalim1998 at yahoo.com (a san juan) on 2008.07.03 at 14:43:33(18061)
?Hi all,

I am reorganizing the meconostigma site so it has more articles (in english similar to the leafcutter ant site i maintain, because my malay is not deep enough to write very well in that language), and am hoping to put together a post in the meconostigma site about the origins of P. x evansii.

Here's pics of that plant:

Here is what I know, please correct me if i am wrong...
This hybrid is from P. speciosum and P. bipinnatifidum.
It was "discovered" or "created" by Bill Evans, one of the major historical figures in Disney history.

I have heard rumors that this plant has become native in certain areas, which i doubt, but you never know.
?If anyone has anything top add, please chirp in, I'd appreciate it. Thanks...

From: lbmkjm at yahoo.com (brian lee) on 2008.07.03 at 17:23:42(18062)
Dear Arlan,

Aloha...good to hear from you.

Congratulations in advance for working on the Meconostigma site. I do not know much about hybrids...Julius or Ron can comment much more on the history and parentage of the crosses. Philodendron x evansii... Derek Burch may be able to comment on this name...

I am looking forward to the revised site... and I'll be happy to help if I can on the species.



From: kalim1998 at yahoo.com (a san juan) on 2008.07.05 at 02:44:47(18076)
Hi Leland,

It does look like there is a small mystery about it as well - and I had thought it was pretty clear cut that the Disney corporation had a hand in its creation, and that Bill Evans had used P. speciosum and P. bippinatifidum (because it certainly looks like evansii looks like a cross between the two)....

From: kalim1998 at yahoo.com (a san juan) on 2008.07.08 at 17:40:03(18111)
Here is my first try at elucidating the history of P. x evansii:

On the Origins of Philodendron x evansii

feel free to add or comment....

From: hluther at selby.org (Harry Luther) on 2008.07.10 at 00:41:06(18128)
MSBG obtained a plant of philodendron x evansii from Oak Glan Nursery in Miami about 1986. It has never been a good grower and has an odd habit of producing a defective, folded leaf about every 5--6 leaves. It is growing near some somewhat stunted P. speciosum under trees. HEL

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