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  A.Bulbifer Tuber Rot
From: onimua at gmail.com (David) on 2008.08.02 at 13:18:25(18316)
First off, I'd like to say thanks to the fast responses people give on this
list! It's very comforting to find help right around the corner, so to
speak. Now the problem:

About a month ago my Bulbifer was starting to come out of dormancy, I was
happy... until it stopped growing; the left hadn't even come out of the
sheath yet. I wasn't sure what had happened, but I kept on eye for any
change. I checked on it one morning to find that it had fallen over. Pulling
it out, I found that it had rotted off.

I immediately dug out the tuber to find a couple of small soft spots at
which point I started doing research online for some ways to stop it. I cut
away the rot and dried them off completely as much as possible before
putting it in the sun for about a half-hour to dry and leftover moisture. It
has been sitting in the garage on a shelf since then while I'm hoping it'll
grow again sometime soon. A week later, another soft spot formed right next
to the area I cut out before. I cut it out as well, and a little more ot
make sure I got it all, and it finally seemed to be fine

Just yesterday I looked and it's gone soft again, but this time from another
spot and much larger this time. I looked at the bottom, and there's
something that resembles fungus (I can best describe it as little white
hills/mountains), although very very small. Upon closer inspection, there's
also little bugs (whitish-gray as maybe the closest color comparison)
crawling around the fungus-like parts and around the rot. The tuber is not
very large (maybe about two inches more or less). My main worry is that I'll
lose the tuber before it has a chance to grow and maybe recover. Anything I
can do?

From: onimua at gmail.com (David) on 2008.08.06 at 14:32:31(18342)
I hoped my message wasn't skipping, but that seems to have been the case.

Does anyone have any advice on the problem I had outlined here:

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