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  Colocasia gigantea-unusual inflorcense arrangement
From: Eric Schmidt <leu242 at yahoo.com> on 2008.10.15 at 13:53:24(18637)
One of our [i]Colocasia gigantea[/i] is flowering. The
inflorecenses are arranged in a flat plane. Is this
normal for this species or is this a mutation?


From: "Alan Galloway" <alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2008.10.15 at 16:35:58(18639)

The flowering structure that you mention is typical for this clone of
Colocasia gigantea, known as "Thailand Giant Strain". The clone
comes into flowering within a few months, even when planted from

I grow this clone, as well as the nomal clone of C. gigantea. I don't
ever recall seeing the nomal clone flower, so can't say if its flowering
structure is the same as "Thailand Giant strain"

Plant Delights nursery offers both clones:


From: <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2008.10.15 at 23:18:18(18641)
> Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 06:53:24 -0700
> From: leu242@yahoo.com
From: Brian Williams <pugturd at alltel.net> on 2008.10.16 at 13:30:34(18644)
This is common for Gigantea the Thailand strain. The common form I had
grown for years with out ever seeing a hint of a flower. That was until
several years ago when I made it a goal to get it to flower. I put the
plant on a timed watering system and hit it with a lot of fertilizers in
the hopes of it producing a inflorescence. At the end of summer it did
flower and the flowers were much the same as on the Thailand strain but
they were not as developed. One of the oddest things was the fact that
in this situation the plant which commonly suckered for me started
producing runners which I have never seen on a gigantea before. This
form seems much different than the other clone having odd growths under
the leaves never flowering and constantly suckering. They tend to act
much like to separate species but the flower were unmistakable for this
From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2008.10.16 at 16:17:15(18645)

There was a photo in his mail, chcek teh deleted messages :)

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