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  I need information on Amorphophallus Paeonifolius -any
From: Ty York <exoticplant07 at yahoo.com> on 2008.10.25 at 00:34:28(18674)
This is my first year of growing them and mine have not shown any signs of going dormant and we may get our first frost in a week. I was wondering if I should bring them indoors or let the frost get them.

Second question, I had someone tell me that there is 2 different paeonifolius plants. A small variety 3-4 feet and a large variety that gets 9 feet tall, does this sound right? I have searched to no end and found nothing about 2 different ones.

Third question: I bought 3 bulbs last year as a new variety of amorphophallus stated to be sp. madagascar. No pics of the plant were avalible or size etc. just sold as new discovery from madagascar and 3 bulbs cost me 100.00. The plants were funny looking very small plants even on the largest bulb 14oz only put up a foot tall plant. No blooms. Have I been taken? I cannot find the seller again and they would not answer emails after I bought them. Bought off ebay :(.

Thanks anyone for any help on this. Ty



From: John Ludwig <aroidgrower at gmail.com> on 2008.10.26 at 10:46:47(18681)
Hello TY,

I purchased some of the Madagascar tubers last year too. They broke dormancy in November of last year and grew to about 2 feet tall. I had to grow them under lights because I don't have a greenhouse. They grew very well for me under strong light and the tubers doubled in size. I also bought some small tubers from the same seller on ebay and all but 1 dried up. The one that made it broke dormancy last month and is now about 6 inches tall. I have found them to be quite tolerant of drought but suspect they will rot easily if kept too cold and wet. Last year I kept the soil damp at all times and fertilized them with orchid fertilizer every 2 weeks. I suspect that this species flowers when the tubers reach considerable size and weight.

Hope this helps Ty.

John Ludwig



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