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  Amorphophallus species need info
From: Taylor Holzer <taylorholzer at yahoo.com> on 2008.12.04 at 03:25:09(18773)
i am a new aroider, i am 13
does anybody have any information on these Amorphophallus species? i need to know height(of inflorescence and leaf) how to care for them(most importaint)what the inflorescence looks like,berry color, natural habitat(i like to know this it just intrests me) any thing you think i should know
> albus
From: "E.Vincent Morano" <ironious2 at yahoo.com> on 2008.12.04 at 08:06:38(18774)
Here you go, look here and you will find pictures of those species and many more. http://www.aroid.org/genera/generapage.php?genus=amorphophallus

--- On Wed, 12/3/08, Taylor Holzer wrote:

From: Taylor Holzer



From: "Christopher Rogers" <crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2008.12.04 at 18:23:24(18775)

Hey, Taylor!

The best thing to do is check out the IAS website: http://www.aroid.org/

Especially the Amorphophallus section: http://www.aroid.org/genera/generapage.php?genus=amorphophallus

This has tons of pictures on the species that you areinterested in.

Scads of information (including photos and detailed descriptions)is available in Volume 19 of the journal Aroidiana, which is available here: http://www.aroid.org/genera/amorphophallus/journal.php

Dr. Wilbert Hetterscheid is reportedlyworking on a manuscript that will tell us everything known about Amorphophallusup to the date of publication. He also gave us this: http://www.hort.net/lists//aroid-l/sep07/msg00061.html

A while back someone posted to the list an Amorphophallussoil/dormancy list that would be of benefit to you, which I seem to havemisplaced. If someone else out there could repost it to me I would appreciateit!

Good luck, Taylor. I hope you have lots of fun growingthese amazing plants. My son started with orchids when he was 12. He is 16 nowand still enjoys them very much. One thing he does that may or may not be anoption for you, is that he volunteers at our local university growing andpropagating their plants. He learns a lot and they often give him plants forhis efforts.





From: <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2008.12.05 at 10:21:59(18776)
> Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 19:25:09 -0800
> From: taylorholzer@yahoo.com


From: "E.Vincent Morano" <ironious2 at yahoo.com> on 2008.12.06 at 06:34:10(18778)
Sure thing Christopher and Taylor! That was me that posted that list. Maybe come spring, Christopher can get me an internship at EcoAnalysts. I live in Roseville Near Sacramento and plan to move to Sacramento shortly before spring.

--- On Thu, 12/4/08, Christopher Rogers wrote:

From: Christopher Rogers



From: "Christopher Rogers" <crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2008.12.10 at 17:28:16(18786)

This is great!

I will send you an off line message, and maybe we can get together and talk plants!

D. Christopher Rogers



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