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  Mature Typhonodorum Lind. In European collections?
From: <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2009.03.08 at 11:51:26(19168)
Dear Aroidophyles,
Does anyone in Europe have mature plants of the Madagascan giant aquatic aroid Typhonodorum lindleyanum?
I would like to try to obtain a couple of seeds for an aroid grower in Italy.  Growers in the USA do not seem willing to post seed overseas.
This plant species, when mature, bears LOTS of huge seeds, so anyone with a mature plant probably has many seeds every year, so lets be kind and do a ''good deed'' for a fellow aroid grower.

Good Growing,




From: Peter Boyce <phymatarum at googlemail.com> on 2009.03.09 at 05:26:44(19170)
Hi Julius,

There is a big, regularly flowering clump in the Princess of Wales' Conservatory at Kew Gardens. There is is also smaller clump, also regularly flowering/fruiting at Munich.

Very best




From: Conrad Fleming <conradfleming at yahoo.com> on 2009.03.09 at 10:49:49(19172)
Dear Julius,

How are you and Susan doing? It's been a while since we communicated.

As you know, I have two large, mature Typhonodorums. They flower repeatedly throughout the year, but seed production is sometimes unreliable, for whatever reason. Or it may just be that I'm not checking my plants regularly enough! Whatever the case, now that I know you are looking for seeds, I'll keep a sharper lookout.

All the other aquatic aroids, including Dracontioides, are doing great, in spite of the fact that our total rainfall for the last five months has probably not exceeded one inch!. Planted in giant containers with no drainage, they flourish. I'll keep you posted.

All the best,




From: "Horak, David" <davidhorak at bbg.org> on 2009.03.09 at 13:51:22(19173)

I have seed of Typh. lind. that isapproaching maturity. I will have to check to see if I can send it legallyoverseas. It certainly should not be a CITES issue, but if a phyto is required we would not be able to do it.However, if you are interested, I can certainly send some to you or smallplants. I have quite a few as well as Montrichardia arborescens seedlings. Ihave a couple extra divisions of the Lasia spinosa that probably originatedwith you; perhaps a dozen chunks of Lasimorpha senegalense; as well as about 8-10huge pieces of Cyrtosperma merkusii. The Cyrto. had to be chopped up last week tomake room for a Victoria in one of our pools. I am keeping a couple divisions besides whatwill be on display. It is annoying to me that I have such a hard timedistributing excess material, but between the time spent packing and now thecosts (which we cannot absorb) for shipping it is tough.

I would love to be able to get them to thearoid community but we cannot afford to ship and most people do not have theroom to absorb much plant material. If you have suggestions let me know. I hateto throw plant material away.


Dave Horak



From: Helmut Reisenberger <gartenbaureisenberger at web.de> on 2009.03.10 at 02:09:44(19179)
Dear Julius,

So far I do not know if still alive, but I remember a wonderful species of Typhonodorum
lindleyanum in the Trop. Dept. greenhouse of the Botanical Garden of Darmst adt (Germany). It grows in the middle of an indoor pond. You can view the w ebsite of the BG of Darmstadt Technical University and search for Dr. Stefa n Schneckenburger. He maybe can help.


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