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  Spring STINKS!
From: "Alan Galloway" <alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2009.04.24 at 13:08:29(19279)
Upon getting home from work yesterday afternoon, as soon as I opened the
car door, this awful putrid smell hit me......and I knew exactly what it was.

In the garden the following were in full bloom:

11 Amorphophallus konjac
1 Amorphophallus dunnii
9 Helicodiceros muscivorus
4 Dracunculus vulgaris
6 various Arum species

The scent of the tall bearded Iris never had a chance of being noticed -- Spring


From: Sheldon Hatheway <sfhatheway at yahoo.com> on 2009.04.26 at 15:29:04(19284)
Lucky you!!!

Of all mine in the ground, the only ones up so far are the Dracunculus vulgaris. I must have one of the "wimpy sissy" clones. It only smells faintly - kind of like a dead cat in the next-door to the next-door neighbor's yard.

Sheldon Hatheway

From: "E.Vincent Morano" <ironious2 at yahoo.com> on 2009.04.27 at 06:14:34(19287)

My konjac bloomed and the stench was almost palpable. I had in on one room of the house for a day so I could show some friends. The spathe had little droplets of stench all over it. This was the first flower this tuber produced and it did not let me down. The stench was so bad that after it was moved outside, my room was stained for almost 3 days with the smell. Last year it was softball sized and I grew it into a 7lb monster in one season with the help of some plant growth hormones and high phosphate fertilizer. I was told that the flower would only smell for a day or two. NOT TRUE! :-) Even the shriveled dead flower smelled bad. I'll attach some pictures because it was such a nice specimen. The flower its self was 2feet long. The up close picture shows the stench droplets.

--- On Sun, 4/26/09, Sheldon Hatheway wrote:

From: Sheldon Hatheway



From: "Christopher Rogers" <crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2009.04.27 at 17:03:14(19289)
A fortnight ago I had in bloom:

Three konjaks,

Two Helicodiceros muscivorus

4 Arum palestinum (both the foetid and the rotten fruit ecotypes)

6 Arum italicum

4 Arum dioscorides

On Easter morning I had around twenty Typhonium roxburghii in full glory.

Right now I am in anticipation of my very first Synandrospadix vermitoxus inflorescence. I have no idea about its odor, foul or fair.

I love spring.

D. Christopher Rogers



From: <ju-bo at msn.com> on 2009.04.30 at 09:53:15(19295)
Dear Christopher,

Synandrospadix vermitoxus will produce a strange, non-offensive, sort of very weak spice/''chemical-like'' odor. I`ll be interested in hearing what your perceptions of it are, as everyone seems to smell differently.

Good Luck and Good Growing.




From: "Christopher Rogers" <crogers at ecoanalysts.com> on 2009.05.01 at 00:21:49(19297)

Hello Julius, et al.!

Thanks for the info on Synandrospadix. Mine does not seem to have any scent at all. The spathe limb is odd as well (see attached picture, but please pay no attention to the Zamioculcas in the background. I was given it to revive after someone overwatered it). Both AGOW and Deni’s book picture this species with a red spathe. What is the story on this plant? Wrong ID?

Thanks in advance,




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