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  Anthurium bakeri
From: "Jaime Rodriguez" <jaime at matnet.com> on 1997.11.04 at 04:18:32(1572)
Hello Aroiders,

Your suggestion that the mystery anthurium sounded like a. bakeri was right
on the money! I was able to positively identify the unknown anthurium in a
photograph in a book titled "Exotica" that was on hand at the greenhouse
where the plant is growing. It is absolutely a. bakeri. I was mistaken in
my description. I was also able to secure about 40 more seeds from the
almost spent spadix. The last batch of seed went out to three aroid-l
members, and I kept about 10 seeds myself. They have already germinated,
and mine are showing signs of developing their first true leaf. So, first
come - first served, if you want some a. bakeri seeds, drop me a line.
Trades are most welcome.

Jaime Rodriguez

From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1997.11.04 at 05:31:59(1573)
Just to keep you on the alert for something else... There are two forms of
A. bakeri that I am aware of... One has a much narrower leaf than the
other... by about 1/3 the width. Honestly, I can't tell the difference
unless I see them side by side. Both are excellent plants.

I am growing mine in just spaghnum with a time release fertilizer. A.
bakeri is a true epiphyte. Dr. Croat says in his "Anthurium of Mexico and
Middle America".....

The species is known from Guatemala to Colombia in wetter parts of tropical
moist, premontane wet, and tropical wet forest at elevations from sea level
to 660 m. In Panama, the species ranges to 1,000 m elevation. In Colombia
it is known from a single collection from Norte de Santander (Camp 84 on
Pipeline, 600m)."

(Lots of other good information in Dr. Croat's books.)

Enjoy the plant! The red berries are spectular.

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