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  Gbberellic acid and BIG OOPS!!-Sherry Gates
From: "E.Vincent Morano" <ironious2 at yahoo.com> on 2009.08.06 at 15:57:32(19650)
Well these chemicals are present in all plants to some degree or another. They arent really chemicals so to speak. They are plant growth hormones that have been extracted from plants and or synthesized. Some of them are synthetic man made and have similar molecular structure to the natural thing. A lot of fruits and vegetables we eat these days are treated with many types of plant hormones. Like seedless green grapes. Remember when they used to be round? Now they are oblong. This is because they were treated with GA3.GA3 causes flowersetting with out the need of the flower being fertilized and therefore no seeds. With the orginal round grapes, which were bread to have no seeds, you still get occational seeds and un uniform grape size. Now days in the stores here in America, you will see large oblong seedless grapes and finfing a seed is nealy impossible. The GA3 increases cluster and berry size. GA3 has a tendancy of making plants grow tall a,d thus you get the untural oblong grapes in stead of the normal round ones.

I said all that to basically say this. These hormones or most probably safe orelse they would not be sprayed on the friuts and vegitables we eat. Furthermore these hormones are fond naturally in plants in very low parts per million. When you are spraying the plants you are also spraying them in parts per million, although much higher then normal and therefore you get the abnormal and sometimes monsterous plant growth. The hormones also degrade very quickly after being sprayed on the plants and are exposed to air and sunlight. They are often mixed with fulvic acid to aid the plant in absorbing it before it dries.

I refuse to participate in the in the recession.

--- On Wed, 8/5/09, Sherry Gates



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