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  Amorphophallus Kerii??
From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2009.08.31 at 13:11:53(19874)
Aroider Christopher Size askedprivately yesterday about an interesting Amorphophallus forsale on eBay being sold under the name "Amorphophallus Kerii". Theseller had insisted to Christopher in a private response the plantreally is rare.


I am often dubious of any plant sold on eBay as RARE since few are rareat all. One thing that always grabs my attention is when a seller allbut screams "rare" but then offers the plant at a low price. Have anyof you ever bought anything that is truly rare at a bargain basementprice?

I checked all the databases and couldn't find the name "AmorphophallusKerii". The first tip is the second name being capitalized since thatisn't done in science. So I asked Dr. Wilbert Hetterscheid in theNetherlands who often responds here on Aroid l about the plant. Wilbert is the expert in the genus. He responded the plant isobviously Amorphophallusasterostigmatus. As far as I can learn the species isn't all thatrare but not terribly common either. He also said the name Amorphophalluskerrii (two r's) is a synonym for Amorphophallus yunnanensis Engl. so the seller hasit wrong a couple of times although I'm pretty sure there was zerointent to mislead in any way.

My point? If anyone is trying to get you to buy a plant based on theclaim it is rare...........CHECK IT OUT! There is one great source tolearn about plants and their names and that one is found here: http://aroid.org/genera/speciespage.php?genus=amorphophallus&species=asterostigmatus

and here: http://aroid.org/

Now, if you like the plant and it is worth the asking price to add itto your collection certainly go ahead and buy it. I do it all the time!




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