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  Making the public aware of aroids.
From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2009.10.06 at 11:42:56(20159)
I'd like to know if any of you knowany magazine or newspaper publisher that I can approach about anarticle on aroids as houseplants? Actually, my idea is to just do anarticle on houseplants but make it feature aroids.

I used to write for magazines all the time but have been out of thatfield for the past 9 years. I personally believe we need to begin tomake people that love growing plants have a better understanding ofwhat an aroid actually is. When I have people over to see ourcollection few have any idea that many of the plants they already growincluding Spathiphyllum, Caladium, Calla Lily, Philodendron speciesincluding "scandens" and "micans" plus all those "Flamingo Flowers" intheir living rooms and kitchens are some of the plants we love to growand call an "aroid". To the general public the word "aroid" is vagueand quite non-descript so we need to fill in the blanks.

Several years ago a small magazine did a feature article on ourbackyard "rain forest" and the hits to my ExoticRainforest website wentthrough the roof for a month. The chances are immense that we canintroduce many of the other species most of us enjoy includingAmorphophallus and others to the world of house plant growers. Mylittle website has over 20,000 individuals each month read one or morepages and most of them want to know how to grow a Philodendron orAnthurium. If you have a contact in the publishing world please makeit known since we all need to help spread the word.

You can help spread the word by either writing an article for a localpublication or even by participating on one of the plant discussiongroups on the net. Send a note to your local garden editor and suggestan article on the species you like to grow but do your best to helpthat writer explain what an aroid is so the public will learn andunderstand. The more we talk about our plants the more others willwant to grow them as well.

Many plant societies have very large memberships because they manage toget good publicity. The largest succulent group in the U.S. which isthe Cactus and Succulent Society of America has many more members thanthe IAS and they're growing plants that (in my opinion) aren't anywhereclose to the beauty of an aroid. Palm, Cycad, orchid societies andlocal groups get space in local newspapers as well as magazines all thetime so why shouldn't we take advantage of the free publicity?

And by the way, while you're planning your Christmas gift list pleaseconsider giving an International Aroid Society membership to a highschool or college student that is showing an interest in plantcollecting or botany. If you have a friend that admires your plantsconsider giving them one as well. You can find all you need to do thathere: Click Here Your help would be great for the plants, the recipientand for the IAS. Besides, the cost of an IAS membership is a veryinexpensive gift.

Since I'm the corresponding secretary of the IAS I'll gladly sendthem a note letting them know of your gift. Just send me a note withan address and tell me when you'd like the note to be delivered. Steve@ExoticRainforest.com




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