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  International Aroid Society Trading Post!
From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2009.10.22 at 07:38:10(20200)
The IAS board would like to let allmembers of the International Aroid Society know we've had requests torestart the IAS Trading Post so Albert has it ready to use.

The Trading Post is a place on the IAS website where you can list extraaroid plants or cuttings to trade or give away or find plants you'dlike to acquire. Sales are not permitted but a member can requestreimbursement for shipping costs. The entire idea is to have a placewhere IAS members can "trade", not sell. There are a few plantsalready listed but we're encouraging members to use the Trading Post soadd your listings today!

If you haven't set up your own privatemembership log-on address you'll be prompted to do so or you can gohere first: http://www.aroid.org/ Be sure and check and update yourmembership email address and information!

If you are already an IAS member with a personal ID just log on: There is an"about" page but if you're not logged in you can't see anything. The"about" page is http://www.aroid.org/trading/about.php

Ifyou haven't decided whether you should join or not please consider youare now being offered a discount on plant purchases by some of the mostrespected seller members of the IAS plus free plants either in trade orjust by paying the postage! I'd say that is a pretty good benefit forthe small annual dues. Besides, you'll receive an annual copy ofAroideana plus the color quarterly newsletter! You can join here byclicking the link on the left of the page: http://www.aroid.org/ While you're on the site don't forgetto look around! Albert has added an incredible amount of greatinformation that will answer many of your aroid questions.

If you have plants to trade or give away you can log on here onceyou've set up your new member log-on and list them with a photo. Please be sure and scale your photos to a reasonable size: http://www.aroid.org/access/login.php?t=/trading/

The IAS is here to help you learn more about your aroids and help youincrease the size of your collection so take advantage of yourmembership benefits!

If you have ideas how the IAS can serve you better, ideas for articlesfor the IAS member newsletter or Aroideana please let us know!




From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at exoticrainforest.com> on 2009.10.22 at 07:47:14(20201)
One very important point I left out! You'll find a note on theTrading Post where you can make a donation of any size to the societyvia PayPal for the plants you've received. Since many of these plantswould cost you $20 or even more the donation is a great way to help themember run society.

Please consider helping the IAS to help you!




From: <exotics at hawaii.rr.com> on 2009.10.22 at 19:38:45(20203)
Hi Steve,

I was reviewing the 'trade' page on the AIS web site and saw that there was some incorrect information regarding shipping to Hawaii. Please note, there are no restrictions on shipping aroids to Hawaii. The only restrictions are on orchids, palms, bananas, grasses, pines, and a few other plants, but not aroids.

Thank you for forwarding this information on to Albert or whomever is doing the 'trade' page.

Look forward to contributing to this page soon.

Hope all is going well with you and yours,

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