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  Pinellia pedatisecta Rec. Nov. 4,
From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2010.06.10 at 18:24:24(21092)

This is 100% Pinellia pedatisecta.

I had Typhonium kunmingense, and it looked so:


I don't have better photos, the tubers died next season.


Marek Argent



From: "Alan Galloway" <alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2010.06.10 at 18:48:31(21093)

This is Typhonium horsfieldii.




From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2010.06.10 at 19:55:16(21094)

Dear Alan,

So probably all two (!) other photos found by google on the web as T. kunmingense (except my plant) are also incorrectly identified.



and my plant was identical, the spathe external side was brown,

while in the IAS page photos of T. horsfieldii inflorescences vary from green through yellow to olive, no brown form shown,

but the spadix looks the same as mine.


I see there must be a big mess in the small-tubered aroids sold on auctions and in "rarity" webshops.

First I wanted to write to you about a Pinellia bought on an auction as "Typhonium alpinum".

Today the first inflorescence opened, I took some photos and I noticed this is the same taxon as your photos of Pinellia ternata 'lanceolate leaf form'. I attach photos of my plant taken today.

I don't doubt this is P. ternata, but for many years I've had a green spathed form with broad leaflets. I wonder how two so different forms of the same species could evolute, don't you think it is a subspecies, a variety or even a cultivar?





From: "Alan Galloway" <alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2010.06.10 at 23:56:49(21095)

The photos on the 2 links in your email are definitely Ty. horsfieldii.

Ty. horsfieldii is a very variatable species. The clone/form in the photos of the

2 links you sent are a very pretty clone having reddish petioles, exterior spathes being

brownish, and the leaflets edged in red. This clone was sold a few years ago by

ChenYi as Ty. kunmingense, hense pictures on the web being improperly labeled.

Feel free to see pics of several clones I have in my


As for the pics that were attached to your email, they are Pinellia ternata. This species

of Pinellia also shows some variability, with the interior spathes being green or purplish. And

the leaflets can range from short and wide to narrow and long. As for auctions and rarity

shops selling P. tenata as various forms of Typhonium......again these are coming from

ChenYi in China. She sells several Typhonium species, but they turn out to be slightly

different clones of P. ternata.




From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" <hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2010.06.12 at 06:47:32(21102)
It is Sauromatum horsfieldii (formerly Typhonium h.).


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