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  Amorphophallus impressus question
From: <M.van_Dinther at lumc.nl> on 2010.07.18 at 15:22:10(21205)
I have recently aquired an Amorphophallus impressus tuber with offsets. It produced a petiole with small hairs on it (see link), which I have not seen with any other species of Amorphophallus that I have in culture. I have looked in the literature to see if this is normal for A.impressus, but could not find any information on this. Can anybody tell me if this is normal? Thanks!

Maarten van Dinther



From: Hannon <othonna at gmail.com> on 2010.07.21 at 04:38:34(21211)

A. impressus is perfectly glabrous (hairless) in my experience, like
most species. It will have markings not dissimilar to yours in the
juvenile state and sometimes at the base of the petiole but usually
the mature petiole is entirely light green. It resembles A.
mossambicensis vegetatively.

It helps to know the origin of one's plants- where is this from? Mine
is from "coastal Tanzania" and was collected by Ernst Specks.

Dylan Hannon

From: "plantguy at zoominternet.net" <plantguy at zoominternet.net> on 2010.07.21 at 11:01:39(21214)
Hi Maarten,

Yes, this is perfectly normal for A. impressus. When I first grew them
from seed I saw this and was quite surprised as you are, but Wilbert
confirmed this was typical. Unfortunately, they stop being hirsute once
they get larger.

From: "Alan Galloway" <alan_galloway at bellsouth.net> on 2010.07.21 at 12:22:54(21215)

I believe the species you have is Am. maximus, not Am. impressus.

You can compare photos of some of my plants at:





From: Michael Pascall <mickpascall at hotmail.com> on 2010.07.21 at 20:50:29(21219)
Looks like Am. maximus to me .
I recently flowered one and have noticed these exact hairs on offsets .
They vanish as it matures. From same area in Africa .

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From: <M.van_Dinther at lumc.nl> on 2010.07.22 at 13:28:59(21225)
Thanks for all the replies.

Unfortunately I do know from which locality this one is. I
will just have to be patient and wait till it flowers to be really sure about it’s

Maarten van Dinther



From: "Wilbert Hetterscheid" <hetter at xs4all.nl> on 2010.07.25 at 10:51:08(21249)
Hi Guys,

I have seen a few very young leaves of impressus with hairs. It is a
juvenile aspect that is very erratically spread over a few east African
species and then within these species. Even the red spots may be nothing
more than a juvenile character and disappear with age. That doesn't rule out
that the plants are not really impressus but that will only become apparent
when they flower.......


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