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  not an aroid question
From: Lester Kallus <lkallus at earthlink.net> on 1997.01.16 at 16:57:53(146)
I'm going to be obnoxious and ask a non-aroid question here. I apologize
but am going to be asking everywhere till I track down the info.

While I was in Miami last week, I went to a nursery. There, I found a
plant that I hadn't seen before. I bought 3 rooted cuttings of it. The
owner called it a Mandanella.

No, it's not a Mandevilla. I have several of those, know they used to be
called Dipladenia and recognize them a mile away.

I dragged out my copy of the Exotica to try to describe the plant. This is
tougher than I thought.

It has smooth edged (entire) elliptic shaped leaves that are arranged in an
opposite pattern. The leaves are thick, have pinnate venation (although
you can't see the sub-branches as shown in the Exotica). The leaf
attachment is halfway between stalked and sessile though closer to sessile.

The flowers are in my memory only and I haven't seen it for 5 days. What I
recall, though, reminded me of some bromeliad flowers I've seen. I looked
through the exotica, can't find the exact one it reminded me of, but the
closest I can come is Aechmea gracilis. The mass of flowers was perhaps
4-5 inches long and 1 inch wide. They looked like pink match heads with
blue tips. (...or was it blue matchheads with pink tips? No, I think the

From: tychen at ippfwhr.org on 1997.01.17 at 19:23:57(153)
it's probably a Medinilla, family Melastomaceae. don't ask me
how to grow it 'cause i killed one in my apartment in new
york. it is probably no problem growing it outdoors in miami.
it's a gorgeous shrub from southeast asia.
From: Hermine Stover <hermine at endangeredspecies.com> on 1997.01.17 at 19:32:34(155)
Some dog here ate the hortus so I cannot be sure of the spelling, but if
your plant has linearly sort of quilted leaves it is a Medinilla and had
pendulous panicles of pinkish flowers. The bark is very...bark-like. I find
mine to be intolerant of cool temps, a real tropical item. But the leaves
are certainly linear/quilted. Or, I am wrong.

From: BASSPROF at aol.com on 1997.01.17 at 19:36:37(156)

Aroiders grow other things too, at least I do. Perhaps your plant is
Medinilla sp. I believe it is in Exotica or Tropica...somewhere. It's often
grown in Florida--is not cold hardy. However, my M. myrantha survived 20
degrees last year, outside, in a pot. M. magnifica is the most lovely having
large, pink bracts around the flowers and fruits. Good Luck.

Lynn Hannon

From: George Tinsley <gtinsley at netside.net> on 1997.01.17 at 19:53:44(159)
The plant you bought sounds like a Medinella species. There are two
that I know of . . . magnifica and another one whose name I have long
forgotten. I'm sure other South Florida aroiders can help you with
something more definite.

George Tinsley

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