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  A question primarily for our esteemed experts
From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.09.10 at 20:16:31(21436)
Thanks for the excellent info Ted! Leland Miyano recommended I read
some of the works of Dr. Nalini M. Nadkarni who is known as the "Queen
of the Canopy" and have been learning quite a bit of the same from her
papers. It does appear epiphytic plants find a way to absorb nutrients
in the canopy without necessarily drawing them directly from the host
tree which explains some of my original queries. She also has some
excellent complete lectures that can be seen on the net.

Thanks again, and I do hope these types of discussions will continue on
this forum. If anyone is interested you can find several of Dr.
Nadkarni's papers by typing her full name into Google and following it
with "PDF". I am learning a great deal more than I expected! The rain
forest is a very complex place and the more we understand how Mother
Nature makes it operate the more we learn about how to care for our plants!

All of what you have just posted is now a part of my files!


From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.09.21 at 20:03:41(21487)
Her writings and the one video of her I have seen are incredible.
There is so much to learn about aroids as well as other rain forest
species and the more good folks we know of the more we learn how to
keep the rain forest habitat alive and protected!

I wish more of you could have heard Dr. Scott Mori's talk a the IAS
show on Saturday night. Scott is a very down to earth man and I was
privileged to spend a fair amount of time talking with him alone.
Everyone who heard his talk came home wiser!

And here is a "great" piece advice Scott gave to all of us at the
show: If you are ever faced with a jaguar in the forest and it attacks
hit it on the nose for all you are worth! If that won't work climb the
nearest spiny palm! Now I know that will hurt too but the jaguar won't
follow! Would you rather have to pull out some spines or have your
legs eaten?

OK, I know few of us will ever be in that position but his entire talk
was just that down to earth. I am thankful we had him attend as our
guest and all of us that were privileged to hang around with him have
another great friend and source of information!

Thanks Scott! It was great having a chance to meet and talk with you!




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