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  ] Wintering Alocasia
From: michael kolaczewski <mjkolaffhbc at sbcglobal.net> on 2010.09.21 at 14:43:20(21479)

I am in the Chicago Land area, USDA 5a-5b,

and These Alocasia will not over winter outdoors, or in the ground.

I usually bring the plant in the container, inside for the winter months.

Several remain in leaf throughout the winter months, I keep all my tropical

plants under lights, and a few get to spend their time in a window.

If they do go into dormancy, I lift them, check for any insect activity on the

roots, clean up any soft spots, and repot into the appropriate size container

and only water if needed.

Plants will usually start showing signs of life sometime in late March or April.

I hope this brief response will be of help to you.


Michael Kolaczewski



From: ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.09.21 at 19:47:27(21486)
Michael, your note here just brought a new subject to mind.

We want very much to include more articles in the IAS publications
about growing plants. Basically, we need articles about how to grow
any form of aroid. I'd like to ask you to consider writing an article
for us and the same invitation goes out to everyone on this forum. If
you have anything to share with other growers write it up. We have a
great editor for the newsletter (Carla) and Tom Croat has also said he
would be glad to help any of us to do short articles about growing
aroids. The board talked about this very subject on Sunday and I know
for certain we have members that are very talented growers. If you
don't feel you are a writer, there are folks to help you become one!

So here's the request, if any of you have an idea, post it! If you
don't feel comfortable doing that, send me a private note
Steve@ExoticRainforest.com and I'll see it gets to the right people.
The IAS wants to help all of our members and the only way we can do
that is for our members to help us get it done!

We are a volunteer organization so if you have an
idea...........VOLUNTEER! This is your IAS so help us make it what you
as individuals would like to see it become! And if you aren't yet a
member, you are needed! You can sign up today at www.Aroid.org Be
sure and specify you want your membership to be for the year 2011 but
you will still have access to everything that can only be read by IAS
members on our website!




From: michael kolaczewski <mjkolaffhbc at sbcglobal.net> on 2010.09.23 at 13:39:47(21496)
Greetings Steve,

Actually, I am working on that very thing

at the moment ( among a few other things).

After I posted the Xanthosoma ID question

a while back, I decided to put an article together

to share my information and experience with other IAS members.

I will hopefully have a draft and various pictures

together in short order. I will then get in touch with


Thank you for asking !

Michael Kolaczewski



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