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  A request and a caution
From: Steve Lucas/ExoticRainforest <Steve at ExoticRainforest.com> on 2010.11.12 at 00:59:39(21650)
I am requesting that all of you that I often correspond with drop a
personal note to me and include your current email address. Please
don't post it here, just send the note to:

If you have either of the other addresses I sometimes use
please don't use them at this time.

I am especially asking that all of the botanists and scientists as
well as others on this group that I often ask questions of send me
their addresses. Here's why:

For some weeks my computer has been crashing. I have a good
anti-virus program and subscribe to a company that fixes any problem
with the computer via the internet. I've always found their service
to be great..............costly, but excellent. Two days before we
went to Fort Worth for the MidAmerica Chapter meeting on October 30
the computer totally shut down I called the company and they were
able to fix the problem but the next day it was back with a
vengeance. They ended up working on it for 9 hours and could find
nothing wrong. The total system began to cascade downwards starting
with a disabled keyboard. Dr. Croat was here at the time and heard
my moaning and groaning! That was due to the fact I had just worked
for days to prepare a new AV program to give at that meeting.
Obviously, I had to give another one that was less suitable for the
meeting. By the way, I now have that one back!

Since they could find nothing wrong, the company that does the
online repair suggested I take the computer to the shop since it was
their opinion there was something wrong internally. They suspected
a number of things including a bad keyboard but after 5 days in the
shop found nothing wrong! Nothing!

What they did find was three viruses and one was the major cause of
the problem. I talked with Steve Marak who is a programmer as well
as the operator of Aroid l at the meeting in Fort Worth and he told
me about a new virus that can hide from almost all anti-virus
programs and loads right at startup. Interestingly, my computer had
been slow to load up for some weeks.

As a result, the service company had to totally wipe my hard drive
to get rid of the problems. I have the computer back and it is
working fine now but I spent all day reloading programs and still
have some to go. I have all my files backed up on Carbonite and
they are now downloading everything back on the computer but it will
take another 44 hours to get them all installed again! That after 5
hours today!

I just want to make sure I have all the email addresses I need to
stay in touch in my many friends in the aroid world as well as work
on the projects for my website. If you will be kind enough to send
me a short personal email with your name and address I will
appreciate the help a great deal!

Other than that, if you start experiencing your computer beginning
to be slow at startup or the keyboard does not want to work, GET


Steve Lucas



From: Johannes Moonen <emeraldjunglevillage at wanadoo.fr> on 2010.11.19 at 10:17:18(21655)
This is clear, will use this adress, Steve,

Nice day, Joep

On Nov 11, 2010, at 9:59 PM, Steve Lucas/ExoticRainforest wrote:



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