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From: Tony Avent <tony at plantdel.com> on 1998.01.12 at 16:10:44(1821)

Two propagation questions:

1- Has anyone had any experience slicing tubers of dracunculus vulgaris
for propagation purposes?

2- I have been entrusted with a stunning Symplocarpus foetidus with a
wide cream margin that was found by my friend Darrell Probst. Sorry, I
didn't get pictures taken last season, but promise to do so this year.

As there is only one division, we would obviously like to propagate
it. We are considering crown cutting, as is used in hostas. Does anyone
have any experience with vegetative propagation of skunk cabbage?
Tony Avent

From: Guerin Wilkinson <guerin at ix.netcom.com> on 1998.01.12 at 22:23:06(1825)
I wouldn't be suprised if Fred Case has experience with this. He's not on the
internet unfortunately (as far as I know).

Tony Avent wrote:

From: MJ Hatfield <oneota at ames.net> on 1998.01.15 at 20:27:58(1830)
I do hope that you will report back to us the results of sicing tubers
of dracunculus vulgaris and crown cutting the stunning Symplocarpus
From: Tony Avent <tony at plantdel.com> on 1998.01.17 at 22:47:48(1843)

We have sliced and diced the dracunculus and crown cut some green
symplocarpus...I will know in spring how they did, and will try to report
back. We did slice tubers of Amorphophallus bulbifer last year and they did
great (5 pieces per bulb).
Tony Avent

From: MJ Hatfield <oneota at ames.net> on 1998.01.18 at 16:10:55(1845)
Tony said..."We did slice tubers of Amorphophallus bulbifer last year
and they did great (5 pieces per bulb)."

I cringed at the very thought. I have a lot to learn.

MJ Hatfield

From: "derek burch" <dburch23 at bellsouth.net> on 2015.03.06 at 01:42:15(23241)
Isn’t there anyone out there trying new things with
their aroids – propagation in coffee grounds, vacuum cleaner fluff,
newspaper pots, aeroponics? Even tomato growers are planting upside down, and
the vegetable industry has embraced grafting of all manner of unlikely things.
The turf industry has new grasses that thrive on salt or brackish water and one
stadium grows its whole playing field outside in the sun and moves it in for
games (I don’t think that I made that one up). Have you trained whitefly
to perform tricks, tested nurse crops to maintain control agents, used yellow
cards (standard in commercial greenhouses), planted marigolds in your hanging
baskets or garlic to keep amorphophallus company..

Please share articles with your hidebound fellow members. Articles
short or long can come to me (derekburch23@gmail.com)
or to Carla (Carla.kostelac@mobot.org).

Please. Derek



From: Carla Kostelac <Carla.Kostelac at mobot.org> on 2015.03.16 at 21:29:47(23253)
Hello, Dmitry,

Thank you for the head’s up about your article for the IAS Newsletter! I did not receive the message(s) about the article because they were in my Spam folder. I just now searched and found your messages and clicked on ‘Deliver’ but I could not open the messages. Thank goodness this was delivered by Aroid-L!

In any case perhaps you could just copy your article and paste it into this email.

I am very anxious to get your article and thank you for your interest in the IAS Newsletter! I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,

Carla Kostelac



From: "derek burch" <dburch23 at bellsouth.net> on 2015.03.18 at 18:04:30(23256)
Dmitry, I am sorry but it did not get to
me. If you don’t mind trying again would you please use href="mailto:derekburch23@gmail.com">derekburch23@gmail.com since that
address is the most reliable.




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