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  ID Help
From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.19 at 02:46:24(23007)
Hello All,

One of my Philodendrons bloomed for which I am hoping for an ID. Can
someone tell me where I can send photos? I have searched the Aroid
site, but I see nothing that looks like it. I would appreciate any
help. I'm pretty excited. This doesn't happen here.

Thank you,

From: Tom Croat <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2014.07.19 at 03:56:51(23008)
Dear Sue: Please send it to me but please more than just the inflorescence which by itself would be useless.


From: "Greg Ruckert" <greg at alpacamanagement.com> on 2014.07.19 at 06:29:21(23009)
There is an aroid id group on Facebook as well as the IAS page there.
Greg Ruckert
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2014.07.19 at 16:31:01(23010)
And in addition to the other suggestions, you can attach photos to posts
to Aroid-L.


From: a sunjian <asjbiotek at gmail.com> on 2014.07.19 at 23:45:31(23011)
" Can someone tell me where I can send photos?"

In the next email to aroid-L that you make, simple attach the image to the email.

I believe abrimaal also maintains a website for ID here:


But the quickest way is to simply email your image.



From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.20 at 00:56:12(23012)

Thank you for suggestions. I'm attaching a couple of photos. If
there needs to be more for ID, will someone let me know please? It's
not a rare thing, I just can't remember what it is.....that's not too
rare either. I believe I got it from a seed order that myself and other
Aroiders were involved in 5,10, or 15 years ago from a nursery far
away. Brazil? But that could be wrong. I might not have a clue where
I got it. If the photo files are too large, please delete them and let
me know so I can resize them?

Thank you Greg, Steve and all,


From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.20 at 01:03:31(23013)
And the inflorescence smells like fresh cut grass.

On 7/19/2014 9:31 AM, Steve Marak wrote:
> And in addition to the other suggestions, you can attach photos to posts
> to Aroid-L.

From: Tom Croat <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2014.07.20 at 05:06:57(23014)
Dear Sue:

I can't detect what your email address is. I am sure that this came from Brazil. I remember the shipment. I have sent the pics to some friends (specialists) there.


From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.20 at 05:50:48(23015)
Fantastic. I will send you a note with my address so that you, or
they, can send the ID to me, if this is OK?

Thank you for responding,

From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.20 at 10:50:25(23016)

Hello Tom,

I might be able to get behind it for the vine part of the plant, but
it's a tight area. I'll try that this afternoon. Do you need any node

From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2014.07.20 at 12:36:47(23017)


I moved the ID Center to Facebook, there are many benefits - instant uploading and publishing, live discussion.


It the pagementioned by A Sunjian, there are specimens submitted before.


Marek Argent



From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.20 at 19:35:48(23018)
Thank you Marek. I have checked the plants on Abrimaal's site as
well as the IAS site and I don't see anything that looks like it,
but thanks for the suggestions. I don't belong to facebook, so
can't look there. I might be able to go there if someone posts the
exact page, but not sure of that.

Thank you,




From: Tom Croat <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2014.07.20 at 20:26:04(23019)
Dear Sue:


From: "S. Cox" <snalice at suddenlink.net> on 2014.07.21 at 00:42:14(23020)
Dear Tom,

Please send instructions and I can do that. Don't know how long the
inflorescence will last, if that matters.


From: Tom Croat <Thomas.Croat at mobot.org> on 2014.07.22 at 00:26:13(23023)
Dear Sue: If you threw the inflorescence and a folded leaf in a ziplock with a small amount of any kind of alcohol and put it in an envelope I could straighten it out and press it and describe it. Mail to Tom Croat, Missouri Botanical Garden,Box. 299, St. Louis, MO. 63199-0299


From: Traud Winkelmann und Bernhard Strolka <strowi at t-online.de> on 2014.07.25 at 08:49:30(23027)
Hello Marek,

I regret your decision very much, since I do not like Mr.
Zuckerberg's business concept at all and I avoid facebook.

Bye, Bye,




From: Hannon <othonna at gmail.com> on 2014.07.26 at 04:12:30(23028)

Can people participate in this process if they don't use Facebook?

Dylan Hannon



From: piaba <piabinha at yahoo.com> on 2014.07.26 at 05:17:20(23029)
is it possible to put photos on flickr? it's owned by yahoo and they are so inept that i don't distrust them as much as i distrust FB or google.


tsuh yang



From: Sherry Gates <thetropix at msn.com> on 2014.07.26 at 05:30:44(23030)
"I regret your decision very much,  I avoid facebook."
I regret the decision to move the ID Center to Facebook, too.  I hope abrimaal keeps the original site updated and going.

Best wishes to all, Sherry Gates 



From: Susan B <honeybunny442 at yahoo.com> on 2014.07.26 at 14:16:06(23031)
Websites cost money to maintain. Perhaps a PayPal donation button so we can help with the costs?

Susan Bryant



From: Michael McCaffery <billbergia at gmail.com> on 2014.07.26 at 18:14:14(23032)
Not a fan of Facebook either. I find it unfortunate that members of IAS should have to sign up w/ Facebook to receive all of their IAS membership benefits.


On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 1:30 AM, Sherry Gates wrote:



From: "Marek Argent" <abri1973 at wp.pl> on 2014.07.26 at 18:55:47(23033)
Hello Everybody,

Araceum and ID Center is temporarily not updated, but it will remain online and I hope I will find time to add about 2000 photos sent by people from all the world and taken by myself.

The ID Center on facebook is fully interactive, usually you get immediate answers from the major botanists and aroid specialists.

Today everybody has a camera or even a few. It would be impossible for one person to create html pages for each ID request.

For sure you may upload photos to Flickr and send them to the group Aroid Photos. Send links to photos to me and I can make new pages in the ID Center by linking the photos and adding the descriptive text.

I consider creating a new Flickr account only for aroids and a new group. My current one has been transformed into a car gallery.

I will inform you what where and when.

Managing Araceum for 12 years was a priority to me, but I neglected other projects like photography, making music and programming. I need to keep the balance and have some rest.

Best Regards,

Marek Argent (Abrimaal)



From: "Greg Ruckert" <greg at alpacamanagement.com> on 2014.07.26 at 23:34:52(23036)

It is sad that so many people take for granted the great work done and expense incurred, voluntarily due to their passion, by individuals.

I thank Marek for the work he has put into this personal project for over a decade, and thank him very much.

It is surely up to them to decide how they go about and provide their services to the community. None of this is "free". I agree with Marek's reasons for doing what he has done. It is a worthwhile bonus to the community.

As for the IAS Facebook page, I again commend the board for supporting this avenue to attract more people to the Aroid world and to share in it. It now has FIVE times the number of followers as we have paid up members. This is a great outreach programme by the IAS and if paid up members choose not to access it then that is their decision. In the same way, some people choose not to have a telephone, not to have a computer, have email or be on the internet.

Members taking the decision not to access the Facebook page is no different than the decision taken by some members not to ba a part of this email group.

The idea that an organisation shold not provide a valuable service due to one or more members not wanting to use it is repugnant to me.

I shared this link on the IAS Facebook and apologise for not posting it to this mailserver as well.



Greg Ruckert



From: "John Criswick" <criswick at spiceisle.com> on 2014.07.27 at 03:37:36(23037)
Me too. I will have nothing to do with Facebook. It’s a crying shame when a prestigious, learned society gives in to popular social networking.


From: aroid-l-bounces@www.gizmoworks.com [mailto:aroid-l-bounces@www.gizmoworks.com] On Behalf Of Michael McCaffery



From: Albert Huntington <amasakih at gmail.com> on 2014.07.27 at 19:14:28(23039)
I just wanted to note that Marek's ID Center, though promoted by the IAS, has never been an exclusive member benefit.

There is a forum on aroid.org at http://www.aroid.org/aroidf/ with a specific section for ID for those who might not want to be on facebook.

The IAS Facebook group has also become something of a center for plant identification.

I would note that generally, the place that works best for ID is the place with the most experienced visitors ... something we really have no control over.

All the best,

Albert Huntington



From: a sunjian <asjbiotek at gmail.com> on 2014.07.31 at 15:06:59(23041)
I think there are some positives and negatives to using facebook.

On the positive side:

1. there are quite a few people who do use facebook on an almost daily basis.

2. uploading and commenting on images is relatively easy.

3. almost negligible work is needed on aroid people's part in maintaining the images and page. facebook has basically provided the framework for the process.

On the negative side:

1. there are still many people who don't use facebook, or who refuse to use it. I should also note facebook is blocked in certain countries (I believe China for example, though i don't think the IAS has members there).

2. The IAS has no control long term over the page. In other words, facebook could shut down the page for whatever reason they want in future and that's pretty much that. All that work would go down the drain.

3. The facebook page system works well for a small number of images, but for very large databases it becomes unwieldy because of lack of certain capabilities...for example, a search function. It wasn't meant to be a long term database of anything.

Having the aroid ID center as hundreds or even thousands of manually coded HTML pages is pretty hard work, and we should all commend Marek for the work he's done, but a possible long term solution such as a database-driven system HOSTED on an IAS web account is probably better since less work on the part of volunteers is needed. To get people to use that, people should be encouraged to upload their images onto that system and then simply POINT to it on facebook via links or whatever.



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