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  strange new growth on Amorphophallus titanum
From: Nancy Greig <ngreig at hmns.org> on 2015.10.05 at 15:22:21(23485)

Hello fellow aroid lovers. Please see the attached photograph. Have any of you seen this happen before? This is “Lois” – our
Amorphophallus titanum that bloomed a few summers ago – but has since had some setbacks (part of the corm rotted so it is still smaller than when it produced an inflorescence). It has become quite irregular in when it sends up a new leaf – it certainly
is not on an annual cycle – and this time, when the leaf died back recently, the top part yellowed and fell off and we found a new sprout already growing up inside the petiole of the old leaf! (see photo) Usually the leaf dies back completely, and the corm
has a dormant period of a few months.

What would make this happen? Too much water at the wrong time? Something else? What should we do? Any advice would be appreciated! We would love to have our plant bloom again, but at this rate…I’m not optimistic!

Thank you for any feedback,

Nancy Greig



From: Ken Mosher <ken at spatulacity.com> on 2015.10.05 at 20:58:34(23486)
Hi Nancy,

Having an Amorphophallus produce a leaf right under another one
isn't terribly uncommon and is actually a good sign.? In fact, lots
of times the second one shows up before the older leaf dies back.? I
had a related plant, that usually produces one leaf per season and
blooms in the spring produce 5 (five!) leaves, having 3 at a time
for most of the summer.? Then at the end of September, while still
sporting 3 happy leaves, it flowered!? I expect to dig up a very
large corm.? I dug up his brother last weekend, who only had the
usual one leaf, and he increased in size by more than double.? Lots
of fertilizer...

As for dormancy, titanum doesn't keep a nice yearly schedule.? They
can be very irregular.? Go back to being optimistic, nothing is
amiss.? Lois is just happy and wants to grow some more.? Also, since
she just finished a growth cycle you should find that all the former
problems with the corm are gone - she grew a new one to replace the
one that had rot.

-Ken Mosher



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