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  Scientific citations.
From: Jason Hernandez <jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com> on 2017.01.23 at 15:00:12(23736)
Okay, I know how to cite books and papers in a scientific paper. If, for instance, I wanted to cite Deni Brown's most excellent aroid book, second edition, I would cite it in-text as (Brown 2010), and then put the full details in my Works Cited section. I also know what if she were to communicate something to me directly, and I were to cite that, it would appear in-text as (Brown, personal communication), and not appear in the Works Cited.

My question: suppose I were to cite a communication made to a listserv? How would I cite it in-text, and would I list the listserv in the Works Cited?

From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2017.01.23 at 22:01:36(23737)

This page (or one of its close kin) has helped me out a few times:


There is a section on listserves, discussion groups, and blogs, as well
as email in general.


From: MARC GIBERNAU <gibernau at univ-corse.fr> on 2017.01.24 at 07:36:40(23738)
Hello Steve,

Thanks for "your" source, it looks very exhaustive!



From: MARC GIBERNAU <gibernau at univ-corse.fr> on 2017.01.24 at 07:29:04(23740)
Hello Jason,

Excellent question, you pinpoint a "modern" problem on the information
within the "social" network.
I don't rule if there is an official rule but the ways to cite such
reference can be two:
- Since a listserv is not "controlled" (by a board of expert), you can
cite it as name, pers. comm. (it has the same "value" as a personal
- if you want to highlight the mailing-list then you can cite name, year
and add the complete source in the list of references author's name, year,
listserv information and the exact date of the message (or the "number" of
the post)... a bit as it's done for information from a web site.

I hope it helps but the question is not resolved!

Best regards


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