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  picture sizes (was Who am I ?)
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2018.09.18 at 12:29:37(24090)
It appears the message with Jude's picture was held because the
image was almost 10MB in size, above the limit for the list. There
was another of almost 15MB from a few days ago.

I bumped up the size limit 3 times in the first days after we
unmoderated the list, and for a while that seemed to be enough, so
I quit checking as often for things that were held. The limit has
been 5MB.

10-15MB isn't a large file by today's network standards and for
people on broadband connections, but I'm aware that we have some
subscribers who can't get fast Internet where they live, so I've
tried to strike a balance. Also, there are some ISPs that will
arbitrarily reject emails over a certain size (some surprisingly
small) or worse, flag them as spam, and it already requires
constant vigilance to make sure we don't show up on some spam

I'll post Jude's message momentarily, and bump the maximum size
for the list up to 10MB, but I'll ask that pictures be kept below
that size, please, at least until we can see if there's any
fallout. If anyone is having problems with the list because of the
picture attachments, please email me privately and let me know.




From: The Silent Seed <tylus.seklos at gmail.com> on 2018.09.18 at 16:56:54(24091)

I am sorry - it must have escaped my mind - I never think to check photo sizes and I will check the one - is it possible that it is because I tried attaching multiple pictures at the same time?

Sorry for the tangent.

Best, Jude



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