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  Aroid-L Digest, Vol 170, Issue 3
From: Jason Hernandez <jason.hernandez74 at yahoo.com> on 2019.08.03 at 19:21:49(24204)
Well, I always get them scrubbed, but, the notice that they have been scrubbed comes with a link to view them. It looks like this:

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URL: http://www.gizmoworks.com/mailman/private/aroid-l/attachments/20190802/45be0d99/attachment-0001.htm


Jason Hernandez



From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2019.08.03 at 19:38:42(24205)
Hi Jason,

Yes, I spoke too soon. When I looked at the email Russ forwarded to
me, I realized that he - and you - are subscribed in "digest mode",
receiving (usually) one email per day containing all the accumulated
Aroid-L posts for that day, rather than receiving them as they are

The rules are a bit different for digest mode, and it makes sense
that attachments be scrubbed there, since on an active day with a
bunch of big attachments the digest might easily become too large to
manage if they were left in. (Both of the emails I have subscribed
to Aroid-L are in non-digest mode.)

As you say, the scrubbed attachment is kept on the Aroid-L server
and there is a link to where you can view it. I'm not sure how long
they are kept - that seems to be a setting up above the individual
list level.




From: The Silent Seed <tylus.seklos at gmail.com> on 2019.08.03 at 20:08:56(24206)
It seems like I'm not getting all of the emails either. I did not get any emails about a Spathiphyllum until these messages stating that people weren't seeing pictures of said plant?

Originally, I clicked the box for receiving messages as they came out.

A glitch?



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