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  Some slight changes to Aroid-L
From: Steve Marak <samarak at gizmoworks.com> on 2020.08.10 at 00:41:49(24379)

Some of you have noticed that Aroid-L has been offline for a few
days. This was to accommodate a much-needed hardware and software
upgrade. I was given the option of a quick upgrade which would have
required everyone to make some updates, and a slower upgrade which
preserved the same list address and minimized the changes.

Since the list was quiet, I asked for the slower, less painful
upgrade (which was only less painful for us, incidentally - it
required much more work on the part of the person doing the
upgrades). Unless you make use of the web interface to Aroid-L, you
should not need to change anything at all. Your membership,
password, and subscription settings should all have been moved to
the new system exactly as they were.

If you use the web interface, you will need to use this URL:


Very similar to the old one but note the addition of "cgi-bin" in
the middle.

If you have problems posting or receiving posts (I'll skip
over the issue of how you know you have a problem receiving posts if
you aren't receiving posts), then please email me at this address: class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated"

If you don't use the gzipped Aroid-L archives on the gizmoworks
site (or don't know what that means), then skip this item, it
doesn't affect you: many, many URLs embedded in the archives
had to be updated to point to the correct spot in the new archives.
Our friendly sysadmin updated tens of thousands of them, but - since
we don't think anyone is really using the gzipped archives - didn't
update those. If you do use those, be aware that URLs in the gzipped
archives haven't been updated and won't take you to the right spot.




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