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  Pale Green Gonatopus
From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.05.02 at 22:01:27(2071)
Any Gonatopus experts out there? I have two unidentified plants, both of
which went dormant in the past three weeks, that are a solid pale green.
Petiole and leaf are identical in color. Tubers are light tan colored,
quite smooth - no nodules or roughness of any kind. Root systems grow
from the top side of the tuber only. No evidence of any root growth from
sides or bottom of the tuber. No photos available at the moment.

I have G. boivinii and G. angustus. These plants resemble neither.


From: plantnut at shadow.net (Dewey Fisk) on 1998.05.03 at 00:29:24(2072)
Try Gonatopus rhizomateous. And, you probably got them from me...

From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.05.03 at 00:42:21(2074)
On Sat, 2 May 1998, Dewey Fisk wrote:

> Try Gonatopus rhizomateous. And, you probably got them from me...
> Dewey

From: "Julius Boos" <ju-bo at email.msn.com> on 1998.05.03 at 14:42:17(2075)
Dear Don,
Does the pale green Gonatopus look like a common G. boivinii except for the
color? There is an all- green "boiviini" that has been around for a while,
I have seen it at Dewey`s, I believe at Monroe`s, and here locally in WPB.
I have never had a "for sure" I.D. on it, but to me it looks like a color
morph of the common G. boivinii.
From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <hetter at vkc.nl> on 1998.05.04 at 12:54:12(2082)
Dear Don,

Just a guess when you answer this question because I didn't get the
whole picture: does the plant have a flattened tuber like "regular"
boivinii and a similarly large leaf? If so, it IS boivinii. There is a
green-petioled form of boivinii. We have it growing like hell in Leiden
and it is really not essentially different from boivinii with the
variegated petioles. Of course, if you are describing a miniature
species then it isn't boivinii.


From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.05.04 at 13:02:52(2083)

Tuber is similar to G. boivini and leaf is similarly large. But leaf
segments are much larger and fewer in number than this on boivinii.


From: Steve Marak <samarak at arachne.uark.edu> on 1998.05.05 at 14:34:26(2087)
Don, Wilbert, and others,

Back from St. Louis and with a few (rare) free moments ...

I have a Gonatopus that sounds very similar to Don's - all green (i.e.,
petiole and leaflets), looks like it will reach about the same ultimate
size as my largest "normal" G. boivinii but has somewhat fewer, though
larger, leaflets. I don't recall the tuber's appearance; my Gonatopus seem
to need (and therefore get) very little attention.

My plant came from Phil Mueller, in one of the last shipments he sent
before he went sailing. As he was pretty rushed, it was a small tuber
labeled only "green gonatopus". It has grown nicely, and might well flower
at next emergence. Since this topic arose, I've been trying to remember
our conversations about it without much success. I don't think he knew
whether it was a boivinii or something different, nor do I recall where he
got it.

I haven't tried propagating it - I assume it would be as easy to root
leaflets as the the usual one.


From: Wilbert Hetterscheid <hetter at vkc.nl> on 1998.05.05 at 15:07:24(2089)
Dear Don,

Well, this sounds a bit strange indeed. To my knowledge there are no
Gonatopus species as large as boivinii nor with a similar tuber. Maybe
you should try and get a scanned picture on the web somewhere.


From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.05.05 at 15:30:28(2091)
Steve's message on this subject woke up my memory. One of my two green
Gonatopus came from Phil, the other from Dewey. They appear to be
identical plants. One of them during last season was as tall as, or taller
than G. Boivinii. But neither have flowered. In contrast G. boivinii
has flowered in years when the petioles were much shorter. Furthermore,
the green plants stayed awake several months longer than boivinii. So to
this casual observer boivinii and the "green" plant are quite different

I don't have a photo to post but will make sure that I get a picture once
these tubers awaken this summer. Hopefully we will have inflorescences to
look at.


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