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From: Don Burns <burns at mobot.org> on 1998.05.04 at 02:44:40(2081)

When replying by private email to a message that was originally posted on
Aroid-L, be certain that you have addressed your message correctly.
Normally a simple REPLY will send your intended private email to the
list, not the original sender. When Steve and I see this happening we
will forward the message to the intended and Cc the sender, but this creates
lots of extra work for us.

So, for those of you replying to Mike about his konjac tubers....


From: Don Burns donburns at macconnect.com> on 2000.04.29 at 01:28:51(4471)

With the introduction of the latest version of OutlookExpress for Windows,
Microsoft in its infinite wisdom, has apparently set the default email text
mode to a "mixed text" mode, meaning that when you send email you send a
mixture of plain text and hypertext (the text used to write web pages). The
resulting messages as read on standard email clients are fairly messy and
difficult in many cases to read. Additionally, our list processor does not
look fondly upon mixed text messages, and sometimes exagerates the mess.

Those of you who have been sending mixed text to Aroid-L have been hearing
about this from me along with my request to resend your messages in "plain
text", and in all cases I can recall you have successfully done so. I thank
you for this.

This then is a simple request from the list processor and those of us who
manage it: *Please send "plain text" only messages to Aroid-L.* The list
processor will thank you for this as will all of us who are reading your
messages. If you have questions about this please email me.


From: Don Burns donburns at macconnect.com> on 2000.06.10 at 01:14:26(4698)

Last night a fellow list member with an AOL email account said he thinks he
periodically misses messages sent via Aroid-L, as well as other mail lists
he belongs to. I acknowledged to him that Steve and I frequently see
messages bounced by ISPs (about once per month from AOL) for a number of
reasons. If you suspect that you have missed Aroid-L mail, point your web
browser to , look for the link to the mail list archives
and select Aroid-L. If you missed anything you'll see it there.

Those of you who are new to the list may not have known we have archives.
If you want to find out what was being discussed on Aroid-L as far back as
December 1996, go to the archives to find out. There is even a search tool
there to look for discussion on particular subjects. I have personally
found the search tool to be quite valuable.


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